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Wall lamp Babynotte Elephant Moon

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2/3 days Delivery

2 year warranty

Battery operated

Organic wood

Installation 5 min

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Description of the BabyNotte Elephant Moon Wall Lamp

The BabyNotte Elephanteau Lune will blend into your baby’s room. Its design invites rest and plenitude.

The light intensity has been designed to respect your baby's rest and falling asleep phase.

This decorative lamp is made of organic premium wood. The LED strip placed behind the panel is discreet and does not directly illuminate your child.

Operation of the BabyNotte Baby Elephant Moon

The BabyNotte works using an LED strip located behind the wooden part.

The lighting is activated using the switch on the product. just pull on the little white cable.

Each BabyNotte comes with a battery. The LED consumes very little energy, giving you hundreds of hours of battery life before having to change it.

This model is suitable for all genders of children and will fit into a girl's or boy's bedroom.

Features of the BabyNotte Baby Elephant Moon

  • Material : Wood 8 mmn European Standard E1.
  • Dimension : All night lights are approximately 30cm long or wide depending on the model. 
  • Paint : With water, organic components, CE certified.
  • Wall hook: A nail or screw will be enough to hang it.
  • Weight : 800g.

Comfort, Style, Ethics

Babynotte: A Peaceful and Responsible Choice for Children's Bedrooms

Natural Security

Opt for a safe and natural environment with Babynotte, designed with organic wood and non-toxic paints. A haven of peace without chemical risks for your baby's room.

Peaceful Sleep Guaranteed

Babynotte, with its soft and soothing lighting, promotes rapid falling asleep and deep sleep for toddlers. Peaceful nights for your baby and more rest for you.

Unique and Personalized Design

Each Babynotte is a unique work of art, hand-painted to adapt perfectly to your child's world. An aesthetic choice that adds a personal and warm touch to any child's bedroom.

Sustainability and Eco-responsibility

By choosing Babynotte, you support sustainability and eco-responsibility. Ecological materials for a greener future, an ethical choice for environmentally conscious parents.





Peaceful nights

Peaceful nights

Discover Babynotte, your accomplice for a baby room imbued with softness and style. Optimized for ease falling asleep of your child, this wall light combines the warmth of wood with avant-garde LED technology. With his eco-responsible design and its delicately designed lighting, the Babynotte is more than a simple night light: it is a decorative object which adds a touch of serenity to any space. Impressive autonomy, easy assembly and first-class materials, everything comes together to illuminate your nights with elegance.

Natural Security and Serenity

Natural Security and Serenity

The Babynotte, much more than a night light, is a guarantee of safety and comfort in your child's room. Designed with organic wood and a painting nontoxic, it offers a healthy and ecological environment. Its soft LED light, safe to the touch, creates a calming atmosphere, ideal for toddlers to sleep. Each piece, a unique work of art, fits perfectly into any child's bedroom decor, adding an aesthetic touch while preserving parents' peace of mind. Babynotte is the alliance of natural security and serenity.


I would like to track my order

You are in a hurry to receive your Babynotte, that's normal!

All orders are shipped from our workshop.

You can track your package via the tracking link that you will receive a few hours after placing the order.

Delivery time is 48 to 72 hours on average.

My product arrived broken

Damn, these are things that can (rarely) unfortunately happen.

To find a quick solution, nothing could be simpler, send us an email with a photo of the product received, we will send you a new one immediately.

A return slip will then be sent to you to return the damaged product to us.

The tracking announces that my package is delivered but I have not received anything

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I want to modify / cancel my order

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What material are Babynotte lamps made from?

The Babynotte is made of wood to the strictest standards. It is hand painted in our workshops with water-based paint which respects the most fragile skin.

The wood is European certified and CE certified.

No dangerous materials is present in the product, it is 100% natural.

We don't mess around with your baby's room!

How to attach the Babynotte lamp to the wall?

Nothing could be simpler, all you need is a screw or a nail to hang your Babynotte on the wall.

What is the warranty on the products?

Your satisfaction is our priority!

Your product is guaranteed for 2 years.

If you encounter a problem, we will send you a new BabyNotte.

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Lampe murale Babynotte Elephanteau Lune



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