Prepare your arrival at the maternity ward: the essentials to bring back

Prepare your arrival at the maternity ward: the essentials to bring back

That's it, the big day has arrived, baby wants to come out of mom's tummy! To avoid any stressful situations, it is best to prepare your things for maternity a few weeks before the likely due date. When the moment comes, you will be more serene and you will experience this special day in complete peace!

But then a question arises: what should you take in your maternity suitcase? What are the essentials to bring back? You will actually need various effects in order to welcome your newborn in the best conditions.

In this article, discover a list of what you need to bring. From your clothes to those of the baby to administrative documents, including the necessary accessories, here is a checklist of all your belongings to have in your suitcase when you go to the maternity ward.

When is the ideal time to prepare the maternity suitcase?

Generally, a baby does not come into the world on the date indicated during consultations with the obstetrician. It can arrive much earlier or, on the contrary, later. For this reason, it is recommended to prepare your suitcase or maternity bag at the end of your seventh month of pregnancy.

To avoid mixing up all the things, you can separate those you need during childbirth from those you will need during your hospital stay. And of course, you will also put those of the newborn in a separate bag, whether it is their clothes, their care products or the baby carrier . This will allow you to organize yourself well.

Ideally, get help from your partner in packing your suitcases. Together, you will be sure not to forget anything. Once you have checked the bags and they are ready, place them in an easily accessible area, so you can easily load them into your car and quickly go to the hospital.

The maternity suitcase: the necessary documents

When you leave for the maternity ward, you must bring certain useful documents for the administrative procedures for the birth of your child. Here are the papers you should have with you.

The medical file: analysis results, ultrasounds, etc.

Remember to take the results of your tests, as well as your ultrasounds, when you pack up for the maternity ward. The medical team who will take care of you must have your medical file at their disposal, in order to help you give birth in optimal conditions. Your blood group card will also be required. In case you forget it, you will probably take a new blood test when you arrive at the clinic.

The mutual insurance card and the social security card

To benefit from coverage for your delivery and your hospital stay, you must bring your health insurance card, as well as your social security card. So, you will not have to advance your costs, unless you possibly exceed the fees.

The family record book: to declare the birth of a newborn

In order to register the birth of your future child, you must have your family record book with you. Slip it into a pocket of your suitcase to avoid forgetting it.

Early Baby Recognition: For Unmarried People

For people who are not married, advance baby recognition is required. Have this document with you when you go to the maternity ward. First of all, it will allow you to facilitate administrative procedures when it is necessary to declare the arrival of your child. In addition, if you have it with you, your spouse will not be forced to go to town hall 5 days after the birth.

Secondly, it will make it possible to establish a parentage link between the baby and your spouse, in the event that one of the parents dies before or at the birth of the little one. With this advance declaration, you will have the possibility of giving your little one the name of your spouse.

Arrival at the maternity ward: essential effects during labor and delivery

To be well prepared for the time of labor and giving birth, here are the personal effects and products that you should take with you in your maternity suitcase.

  • Socks: Sometimes the cold is felt a lot in the work room. To keep your feet warm, socks will be a great help.
  • A bathrobe: Always to keep yourself warm, have at least one bathrobe with your belongings. It will surely be useful to you at one time or another.
  • A cushion: Of course, you will have pillows and cushions in the hospital. But nothing beats the comfort of the one you usually use at home!
  • Massage oil or essential oil: Sometimes, some moms relax and calm down when they enjoy a few minutes of massage before and during labor. If this is your case, massage oil will be welcome in your luggage.
  • Flip-flops or slippers: When traveling around the clinic, you will need shoes. So bring your flip flops or slippers.
  • A lip balm to prevent your lips from getting damaged.
  • A sponge or tissue as well as a spray: you will certainly be hot during work. So apply cool water to the face using a tissue or sponge. Otherwise, spray yourself with water using a spray can.

The main thing during labor is that you stay relaxed, because this first step will be quite difficult. And if you want to keep yourself busy, take some books or create a playlist on your smartphone.

Things to have in the maternity bag after birth

After giving birth, the doctors will definitely ask you to stay for two to three days so they can keep an eye on you. To make you comfortable during your stay, here are some things to pack in your suitcase.

  • A nightgown or pajamas: To sleep in comfort, wear your favorite pajamas or nightgown. If you plan to breastfeed your baby, choose a shirt that is easy to open at the front.
  • A bedside lamp: during your stay, you may have to give milk to your toddler in the middle of the night. Then take your little night light with remote control , it will make your task easier.
  • Ultra-absorbent sanitary napkins: The maternity ward will probably give you some, but to avoid any mishaps, take a few with you too. After giving birth, it is perfectly normal for you to bleed a lot.
  • Several underwear: prefer wide models, it will be more practical with sanitary towels.
  • Bras: You’ll obviously need them. Opt for breastfeeding supports.
  • Beauty products: just because you're in the hospital doesn't mean you're going to neglect taking care of your skin. So remember to bring your beauty kit.
  • Toiletries: staying clean is fundamental to maintaining your health and that of your little one. So, don't forget your soap or toilet gel, your toothbrush, your deodorant, toothpaste, hair brush or comb, tissues, shampoo and conditioner, clips and hair elastics... In short, remember to have everything you need to properly clean your daily routine.
  • Clean clothes: When you leave the maternity ward, you will need clean clothes. Choose loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Your smartphone and its charger: to avoid getting bored while you stay in your hospital room, bring your cell phone, and of course its charger. It will allow you to listen to music, play games, and take photos to immortalize the birth of your little darling.

Things to have in your suitcase for your newborn

Just like mom needs certain things, baby needs them too. The following is a list of the main items to take with you for your little one.

  • Slippers, socks, hats: a newborn can catch a cold very quickly. If you're worried about him being cold, add several socks and slippers to your maternity suitcase. Hats will also be essential.
  • Bodysuits: Bodysuits are practical for dressing a newborn. Choose models that open at the front. In any case, you are advised to find out at the hospital about the ideal clothing for the little one.
  • Coverage: during a stay in the maternity ward, the hospital in principle provides all essential items, both for the baby and the young mother. However, you might prefer to use your own. So if this is the case, bring a blanket, both for you and for your baby.
  • Clothes to wear to come home: you will select them according to the weather outside. If you give birth in winter, remember to dress your baby warmly. Likewise, if the little one arrives in the world during the summer, put him in rather light clothes: a bodysuit, a hat and slippers will do the trick.
  • A night light: when baby has to sleep alone in his crib, leave a small night light near his bed. This will allow you to always see it, even at night.
  • Car seat: once you can return home, you will have to transport your infant in your vehicle. To make it comfortable, remember to place a car seat in your car. If you don't have one yet, include it in your baby registry . In any case, it will be useful to you when you leave the hospital.

With all the matters mentioned in this article, be sure to get to the clinic in the best possible conditions. Remember this: the maternity suitcase must contain your belongings and those of the baby. This includes administrative documents, clothing, care and beauty products, accessories, etc. Above all, do not prepare your suitcase at the last minute, as this may be particularly stressful for you. Especially since it is not easy to organize yourself properly for a birth. We wish you a very happy birth and an excellent stay in the maternity ward!