How to help your baby sleep: our practical advice

How to help your baby sleep: our practical advice

During the early stages of life, a baby spends the majority of his time sleeping. Sleep is indeed an important time, especially for its development. Sleeping well helps baby grow properly. Over time, this will promote their language, their learning, their memory, the regulation of their mood, their feelings…

Like nutrition, sleep is fundamental to a child’s growth. It must therefore be of good quality and above all long enough. And for good reason, it is during sleep that the body begins the production of growth hormone.

As parents, you must ensure that your little one gets enough hours of sleep every day. But how can we help him? What to do ? In this article, discover some practical recommendations so that your baby enjoys restful sleep every day.

The importance of sleeping well for a young child

For a baby, as well as a child, it is necessary to have sufficient hours of excellent quality sleep every day in order to grow properly. Sleeping well every day, in a comfortable bed , is essential for many reasons.

First of all, enjoying healthy sleep allows you to store energy and have peace of mind, in a dynamic and healthy body. All this because at night, the brain replenishes its battery. And this physical relaxation obtained through sleep increases the infant's ability to concentrate and be creative.

It turns out to be just as essential to sleep as to eat. And this is valid for both adults and babies. When the little one lacks sleep, his mental state will decline. Parents are often aware that nutritional deficiency is bad for their child's health. It's exactly the same thing when the little one doesn't get enough sleep.

On the other hand, peaceful sleep renews and regenerates cells. This helps remove brain waste. At the same time, new neural circuits are generated, which is favorable for the memorization of all learning. Better yet, sleeping well preserves heart health.

And as has already been mentioned, the body extracts growth hormone during sleep. This hormone helps you grow properly and produce proteins that are supposed to maintain muscles, bones and skin. It also stimulates the regulation of appetite by producing leptin, a protein that regulates hunger.

These are just a few reasons why sleep plays a key role in child development. For all this, parents must help their toddler benefit from optimal and restful sleep. To achieve this, the following tips will be of great help to you.

Some effective techniques to help baby fall asleep

As you probably already know, a baby sleeps a lot during the first months of his life. Unfortunately, he sometimes has trouble falling asleep. This is where you come in. You can give it a boost with the few tips below.

The pacifier: an ideal companion for baby's nights

Sucking is an act that calms baby. This reduces the heart rate and helps baby fall into Morpheus' arms more quickly. According to studies, it has been shown that during the first 6 months of use of the pacifier, it can protect the infant against possible sudden death.

However, the day will come when the little angel will have gotten used to sucking his pacifier in order to fall asleep. This will systematically become a means of falling asleep for him. If he were to wake up in the middle of the night and realize that the pacifier was no longer in his mouth, he would immediately start asking for it.

To help your little one take care of his pacifier on his own, show him how to put his pacifier back in his mouth. To do this, place the pacifier in his hand then grab his hand to bring the pacifier inside his mouth.

The night light: an effective way to help baby sleep

Installing a small night light in your little one's room will definitely help them fall asleep. This accessory will allow him to be less afraid. Some children cannot sleep without a light or a lullaby. The low light emitted by the night light will soothe and calm your little one. Very often, children fear the dark and this can lead to nightmares. With the night light, he will sleep peacefully.

In addition, the subdued light of the night light constitutes ideal additional lighting. Instead of turning on the main light source, which can be dazzling, especially for baby's sensitive eyes, simply use the night light. While all the lamps are off, the night light will remain on and provide sufficient brightness to prevent baby from being afraid.

In short, much more than a simple decorative element, the small wall lamp can be very practical. When the child asks for a nighttime feed, there is no need to turn on the central light, because the night light will do the job perfectly. Mom will breastfeed him quietly and for his part, the toddler will quickly get back to sleep.

The cuddly toy: baby's best friend from a very young age

Most of the time, babies begin to feel the need to own a cuddly toy from the 6thth or 7th month. The comforter is like a companion who helps the little one calm down when he has to leave his parents to sleep alone in his room.

From his first month, the infant is already able to recognize objects thanks to his sense of smell, his touch and his sight. This ability will allow him to better experience the separation from mom and dad before sleeping. He will then quickly become attached to his cuddly toy.

As soon as he has bonded with his cuddly toy, your child will no longer dread the moment when he will have to go to bed alone in his cradle or bed. Ideally, buy your little darling several cuddly toys. This will be more practical, especially when the companion is sent to the laundry.

Swaddling the infant while sleeping

Swaddling a child is a practice that has existed since the dawn of time. It can be of great help when the infant has difficulty falling asleep. Swaddling simply involves covering your baby with a blanket that is not too thick. If you don't know how to do this, ask your pediatrician or midwife how to do it.

Curled up in the blanket, he will feel the feeling he had when he was still warm inside his mother's womb. He will feel very safe. Not being able to move, he will sleep longer and rest well. However, you must be careful because swaddling can increase your baby's body temperature. When you swaddle him, remember to put him in light clothing.

Cuddles from mom and dad: nothing better to fall asleep to

Before bed, the ritual of cuddling is a more than privileged moment, both for the parents and for the little one. It is reassuring for baby to feel your skin against his. This makes him feel safe, being snuggled in your arms. Enjoy this moment of complicity. You can also rock him and sing him a melody that will soothe him.

If you want, you can massage it using an oil specially designed for toddlers. A gentle, light massage will relax him and help him calm down, and at the same time get ready to fall asleep. Last point, end this beautiful moment full of sweetness with a loving kiss to wish him a wonderful night.

Tips for providing your baby with an environment conducive to falling asleep

Now that you know what elements can be useful to help your little angel fall asleep, find out how to create an environment conducive to sleep.

Optimal temperature in your bedroom

An infant feels almost the same things as adults. When it is too cold or too hot in the room where he sleeps, he will not fall asleep easily. For him to sleep in the best conditions, the ambient temperature should be between 18 and 20°C. Every day, ventilate the room for at least half an hour.

If possible, reserve the room in your home that has the best exposure for the little one. This way, he will be able to benefit from natural light, which will pleasantly warm his space. The best would be to have a south or southeast exposure.

How to put the little one to bed?

It is essential to always lay your child on his or her back. Once he is able to roll over on his own, he will do so if he wants, but never put him on his stomach. This is a security issue.

On the other hand, so that he properly develops his neck muscles, place him on his stomach from time to time. This, only when he is awake. Do this two or three times a day, and of course under your supervision.

Conditions relating to sleeping space

When purchasing your child's bedding, consider the following criteria. First of all, choose a bed exactly the size of your little one. Opt for a firm mattress and do not add any blankets or large pillows. Instead, cover the bed with a fitted sheet. If you are afraid that he will catch a cold, dress him in an over-pajamas or a sleeping bag.

What about the baby monitor: is it an obligation?

The baby monitor is a practical and useful accessory for parents with young children. And for good reason, it allows you to keep an eye on your little one and know how they are doing. It should be noted that to date, there are several models of baby monitors, some of which are equipped with cameras. However, when the little one is sleeping, you do not have to use it. In any case, this gadget can be reassuring for parents.


Helping your baby fall asleep is not complicated, as long as you adopt good practices. In any case, don't forget to provide him with a comforting room that will allow him to easily fall asleep. Make sure that each item installed in his room is perfectly arranged.

In addition, the ideal way to help baby sleep is to establish a ritual that will allow him to find his bearings. This will also help comfort him when you send him to bed at night. To do this, you must first put him to bed every evening at the same time.

The ritual must represent a moment of peace to allow the baby to get ready to sleep quickly. In addition, it will be an opportunity for you to share pleasant moments together. With all these instructions, you will be able to put your little girl or boy to sleep in no time!