Young parents and newborns: how to choose the baby’s first name?

Young parents and newborns: how to choose the baby’s first name?

When future moms and dads are expecting a happy event, many questions run through their heads. And among these is the choice of the first name of the baby to come. This decision, it must be said, is not to be taken lightly. This is sometimes a real Chinese puzzle!

While some young parents quickly reach an agreement regarding the first name they are thinking of giving to their future child, others are hesitant, and in some cases, they don't even have any ideas. Many of them make up their minds even after their little one is born. However, as you probably already know, you must declare the birth of the little one 5 days after his arrival. To avoid any haste that could lead to a bad choice, it would be wiser to act in advance.

So are you looking for a name for a boy or a little girl? You are at the right address here. In this article, we have listed some practical tips that will help you choose the right first name for your future toddler. 

Do not rush and take all the time you need, then draw up a 1time list of first names

From your very first ultrasound, you should already be thinking about starting the quest for a first name for your baby. Start by making a list of first names. You can get inspiration in different ways: by consulting websites, books specialized in the field. You can already write down all the first names that interest you in a small notebook.

Mom, but also dad, will have to make a list of their own. Do not immediately compare your lists, as this could lead to endless debates. Have around ten first names each. This will help you broaden the possibilities and shorten long discussions. If one of the first names you wrote down doesn't please your partner, you can always cross it off your list, knowing that you have several in reserve.

By each proposing your list, arguments will be less. In any case, take the time to think about it. It's just like when you have to make a list of essential items to bring back to the maternity ward when you give birth. You will meditate on the subject calmly without hurrying. This is how you will make the ideal choice. Ultimately, you must like the first name selected. Plus, your little darling will wear it throughout his life. Hence the importance of not rushing.

Focusing on an original or fashionable first name: is it a good idea?

Some parents give their child a first name under the pretext that it is original or trendy. They have every right to do so. In France, each person is free to name their cherub as they wish. No rules are prescribed on this subject. Moreover, there are no prohibited first names.

However, when you carry out the birth declaration, the registrar may notify the prosecutor, in the event that he judges the first name you have chosen to be harmful to the interests of your little one. It would therefore be difficult to say whether a fashionable first name would be better than others.

It’s up to you to study the question. If you choose a first name that is too common, your child may have the same name as several of his classmates. Contrary to this, if you opt for a name that is too original, others may have difficulty pronouncing or writing it correctly. In short, once again, don't rush.

Clear spelling: there's nothing better than simplicity

Choosing a first name gives you a ton of possibilities, especially when it comes to its spelling. Indeed, you can write it as you wish and show creativity and originality. However, as has already been mentioned previously, you must keep in mind that a first name that is too original risks being too complex to spell or write.

Sometimes you may have to say the name several times so that others can understand it, or even spell it slowly. This is not necessarily a negative point. But before you choose, think twice. This could bother your child, especially when he or she is at school.

That said, you can absolutely add your personal touch to the spelling. Moreover, this practice is very common today. For example, you can have “Maryh” instead of “Marie”. Likewise, if you really like “Cathy” but think it’s a little too mundane, you can write it “Katee.”

As you can see, the options are multiple. But in such cases, if one day you would like to buy a personalized gift for your toddler, for example a small wall night light or a mug with your child's first name written on it, don't forget to inform the seller about its spelling.

Take the last name into account when choosing the first name

Before deciding on this or that first name, take into account the last name with which it will be associated. If the last name is rather long, choose a fairly short first name. Otherwise, if the last name is short, it is better to combine it with a fairly long first name.

Before you make your ultimate decision, first try writing the last name and first name(s) side by side, then say them out loud. Is the whole thing harmonious? Is the consonance pleasant? If so, it means the association is good.

Repeated syllables usually sound bad, so avoid them. Also ban bad combinations, or those that could disadvantage your child. If your last name is Renault, it would probably be reasonable to refrain from first names such as “Logan”, “Zoé” or “Arkana”. You surely understood why!

Choose a name specifically for its meaning

In case you can't decide on the first name of your future child, you can always take inspiration from what it means. The meaning of a first name can be revealing about your baby's future life. In addition, it can have a great influence on his personality and on the character he will have from childhood to adulthood.

So that you can easily understand the “why” of this paragraph, let’s take a concrete example, like “Anissa”. This name expresses kindness. It is also a term that comes from the Greek word “agnê”, which is synonymous with “pure”. Anissa further means altruistic, kind, philanthropic. If you give your child this name, he might have a gentle temperament and be lovable, as his name suggests!

You can also choose a first name referring to your history or that of your family or the journeys you have had to go through. In particular, you can name your child “Hope”, which means “hope”, because you have been hoping for his arrival for a long time. Clever, no!

Naming a child based on the first name of their eldest child

Some parents, to form harmony between the names of their children, turn to first names with similar characteristics. For example, they choose first names that all start with the same letter, that have the same meaning or that read roughly the same way.

There are all kinds of examples in this category. If your eldest is named “Alain”, the second will be “Aline” and the third “Allan”. Likewise, you can call the first “Eden” and you will name the second “Heaven”. These two first names both mean paradise.

If you adopt this method, take care to select each first name, because you could confuse your children if you rely on names that are too identical. It would therefore be preferable to avoid names like “Maya” and “Maria”, whose pronunciation is almost the same.

Consult the translation of the first name and know its meaning in foreign languages

To be sure to make the best choice, do not hesitate to inquire about the possible existence of the first name in a foreign language. If you are looking for a first name with a unique and original meaning, you will find several. “Aina” is one of them. This term means “life” in Malagasy and “love” in Japanese. Nice name for a little girl, isn’t it?

While browsing the web, you will come across first names of all kinds, as well as their meaning and the many ways to write them. Whether you are searching in your language or a foreign language, you will find something for everyone. And even if it means opting for such a first name, choose one whose meaning is exceptional.

The final word

All in all, no matter what first name you end up adopting, the main thing is that it pleases you, but also your partner. If you want, you can say a word to your friends or loved ones. But don't take their opinions and recommendations too much into account. Ultimately, the final decision is yours.

To recap, here is the summary of the tips mentioned above:

  • Take the time to think about it and make a list;
  • Weigh the pros and cons of a fashionable first name;
  • Write the first name as simply as possible;
  • Combine the first name with the last name to see if it sounds good;
  • Refer to the meaning of the first name;
  • Establish a link between the first names of all your children;
  • Know the translation of the first name.