Outdoor games for children: encouraging exploration and physical activity

Outdoor games for children: encouraging exploration and physical activity

In a world in which screens and digital games dominate, opting for outdoor games at the park or in your garden is essential to improve the physical activity and healthy development of young children.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of these outdoor games, highlighting essential safety measures. We will also see several varieties of play infrastructure for little ones.

The countless benefits of outdoor play

Needless to say, outdoor games provide enormous benefits for young children. First of all, this type of game allows our children to improve their physical activity, which is essential for their development. When playing outside, they can jump, climb, run, and run around the garden playing football for example. Not only does it strengthen muscles and bones, but it also improves cardiovascular health and contributes to the fight against childhood obesity.

One of the most common examples of play is slides, swings, playing in the sandbox, playing in the pool, exploring mini obstacle courses, etc. Going to the beach can also be a great idea! All this allows for better endurance, good physical and cognitive development as well as better coordination.

In addition to physical activity, outdoor play also encourages social interaction and emotional development in children. Playing with other children of the same age in outdoor environments such as amusement parks, the beach, playgrounds, public parks, zoos and even during recess helps create bonds between children. In this way, they learn to be empathetic, to interact, to share and to listen. Know that interactions with others help build self-confidence. Indeed, they improve communication, respect for others and problem solving, which gives them confidence, a very big advantage when they grow up.

Additionally, outdoor play offers young minds an incomparable connection with nature. Spending time outdoors, camping, going on a caravan trip, in the countryside or in your garden equipped with a cabin allows them to explore their interest in nature while understanding the importance of respecting the environment . Furthermore, it can also help reduce a child's anxiety, by providing them with a serene and quiet place to have fun and recharge their batteries.

Safety is paramount

Ensuring the safety of little ones during their outdoor activities is essential. For example, wooden structures must be solid and well inserted into the ground to avoid tipping. Furthermore, it is preferable to install shock-absorbing surfaces to avoid any risk of injury or accident in the event of a fall. For this, you can opt for sand for example.

Be careful to double your vigilance when it comes to supervising children outside! This is essential to avoid any accidents and ensure a safe environment.

In addition, it is essential to regularly check the condition of play area equipment. You must ensure that they are well maintained and in good working order for your little angels. Doing this regularly not only guarantees the safety of children, but also the longevity of the equipment.

That's not all, apart from the maintenance of the materials, it is also necessary to take into account the adequate dimensions, the solidity and the quality of the equipment to ensure the safety of children.

What types of play infrastructure for young children?

Please note that not all infrastructure is necessarily suitable for all age groups. Here are a few points to clarify.

The swings

Swings are probably the classic and timeless games that have existed for millennia. If you have a swing in your garden, children can have fun with friends or with you, this will strengthen their bond with nature, but also with their loved ones. In addition, swings encourage children to master their muscular strength as well as their balance. All this contributes to their physical development of a child. Swings are almost suitable from the age of six months.

Which slides for which age?

Slides are certainly the essential activities of outdoor games. If you have a slide at home, this is a good idea, because it will allow your children to have fun while promoting their overall development. It's also an excellent way for young children to face their fears and improve their self-confidence by taking risks, in a safe environment of course.

Reliable sandboxes

Did you know that sandboxes are also a good idea for children's development? By choosing to have a sandbox in your garden, you encourage your children to be creative, explore their curiosity and awaken their senses while improving their interest in the world around them. On the other hand, be careful to properly maintain the sandboxes to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your little ones' educational toys . So be sure to always keep the sand clean and cover it when the child is no longer using it to protect it from bad weather or even animals.

Outdoor games for children: encouraging exploration and physical activity

There are plenty of outdoor games suitable for children of all ages and skill levels. Here are some ideas to encourage children to play outside:

  • Games combining versatility and fun

Climbing frames with slides are the best option to offer your little ones a combination of swinging and sliding at the same time. By opting for a swing set with a slide in your outdoor space, you allow your children to enjoy an almost complete play area. This allows them to use their physique, but also to develop their social skills by playing with several people on the same toy. Indeed, these solid and versatile structures are perfect for large families and also for your children and guests of friends to play with them, thus encouraging group play and the spirit of sharing.

  • Playhouse to spark the imagination

Who didn't dream of having a little playhouse when they were children? Indeed, playhouses have always been the best way to give free rein to your imagination. You can build your little house yourself by letting your child participate in the DIY and let them use their imagination. These structures are often used as secret hiding places or playhouses. Let their imagination run wild and create their own decoration . By adding a playhouse to your outdoor space, you give your children a place to share their own little adventures with their friends.

  • Hide and Seek

A classic game that encourages running and hiding, perfect for developing coordination and agility.

  • The construction of forts

Use sticks, branches and leaves to build forts in the forest or garden, promoting creativity and ingenuity.

  • The treasure hunt

Create a list of objects to find, such as night lights , mirrors , or puzzles, and encourage children to explore their environment to find them.

  • Gardening

Involve children in gardening by allowing them to plant and maintain a garden, which will teach them responsibility while supporting an appreciation of nature.

We constantly seek to entertain and develop the social, physical and imaginative lives of our children.

By opting for various children's play facilities in your garden, you offer an environment of sharing, adventure and stimulation to your children. They can both create and have fun with their imagination, but also with their physical appearance. Outdoor play not only promotes physical development, but also helps children thrive socially and emotionally.


If you are looking for new games to give your children a good time like the ones mentioned in this article, you have come to the right places. Do not hesitate to make your choice from our catalog.

By encouraging children to play outside, we promote their physical, mental and social development. Outdoor play offers a multitude of benefits, from exploring nature to promoting physical activity and developing social skills. By providing children with the opportunity to play freely in a safe and stimulating outdoor environment, we enable them to grow, learn and thrive holistically.