The Wahouuuuu effect baby room!



    The Wahouuuuu effect baby room!



    Lenny and Alba would be proud of their dads who had the brilliant idea of ​​creating the BabyNotte.

    A wall-mounted night light, in organic wood, which gives a unique look and character to the baby's room.



    Everything has been thought out to create a cocooning universe for your child.

    Certified organic wood, water-based paint and a light level studied so that your child can spend sweet moments.

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    • March 27, 2023 Die verschiedenen Arten von Babylampen
      Die verschiedenen Arten von Babylampen

      Eine gute Beleuchtung im Kinderzimmer ist von grundlegender Bedeutung. Es ist in der Tat unerlässlich, mindestens eine Lichtquelle in diesem Raum zu haben, um das Baby im Schlaf zu beruhigen oder wenn es allein in seinem Zimmer bleibt. Außerdem wird es ihm dadurch leichter fallen, seine Umgebung zu erkennen und sich daran zu gewöhnen.

      Und neben der Raumbeleuchtung ist die Beleuchtung ein erstklassiges Dekorationselement im Schlafzimmer. Es schafft eine besondere Atmosphäre. Es gibt mehrere Lampenmodelle, die in dem dem Kleinkind gewidmeten Raum installiert werden können. Durch die Auswahl der richtigen Lampe passt sie zur Einrichtung des Raums. Sie sollten daher die Wahl der Lampe, die Sie im Zimmer Ihres Kindes haben werden, nicht vernachlässigen.

    • January 30, 2023 Baby boy bedroom: 10 decorative ideas
      Baby boy bedroom: 10 decorative ideas

      You will soon be the happy parents of a little boy? What good news ! Have you already made decisions about decorating your future baby's room? If before we had tended to turn the decoration of a baby boy's room towards shades of blue, today the trend is reinventing itself. Exit the clichés of blue, and go for an original style where the colors can combine and form a harmonious whole.

      In the room dedicated to your little boy, the choice in terms of decoration is vast. From the selection of color palettes to adopt to the theme, through the installation of furniture or lighting, there is no shortage of decorating ideas. To help you decorate this room that you will dedicate to your little one, discover below 10 tips and ingenious ideas for a successful decoration in a baby boy's room.

    • January 30, 2023 The essentials of a birth list
      The essentials of a birth list

      Preparing for the arrival of a baby is not always easy. Between toiletries, clothes, meal necessities or furniture for your bedroom, the list seems endless. We have the impression of omitting the essential!

      And if you are parents for the first time, being propelled into the world of childcare is all the more exotic. So many products, accessories and gadgets are offered on the market that we often end up getting lost.

      So, to save your budget and above all to help you prepare for the birth of your little one, here is the birth list, in other words the essentials to prepare at the time of birth.

    • January 24, 2023 The different shapes and models of wall-mounted night lights
      The different shapes and models of wall-mounted night lights

      To reassure your young child when he is alone in his room, especially when he sleeps at night or takes his afternoon nap, it is recommended to leave a light source on there. To do this, bet on soft lighting.

      In this specific case, we will focus particularly on the wall-mounted night light. Here is an excellent alternative to light up the room dedicated to your little one in a natural way. There are different types of wall-mounted night lights, differing in their shapes, styles and in the functionalities they incorporate.

      Thanks to the creativity of the manufacturers, you have something for all styles, technologies and colors. These accessories can then be adapted to any type of decor. Are you looking for such a product? To help you make the best choice, discover below some models of night lights currently available on the market.

      babynotte applique murale lenny et alba cygne rose coeur blanc