BabyNotte Livy children's night light composition

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Description of the BabyNotte Livy wall composition

Our team has prepared for you a wonderful composition for your child's room. 

The colorful touches will give a touch of cheerfulness to the bedroom.

The lighting level has been carefully studied to respect the child's sleep phase and help him fall asleep more quickly.

Made of wood to the strictest standards, its LED system brings a cocooning atmosphere to your baby room.

We paired the BabyNotte with white star stickers.

You will receive exactly what to make this composition for the bedroom of your little baby.

Operation of BabyNotte

The BabyNotte works with an LED system behind the wooden panel.

The lighting is activated using the wire switch on the product.

A battery is provided in your BabyNotte. The extremely low consumption of the LED strip allows an autonomy of hundreds of hours before changing the battery.

New ! Personalize your BabyNotte with your child's name.

The name will be put on a cloud of your composition.


  • Material : Wood 8 mm European Standard E1.
  • Dimension: All night lights are approximately 40cm long or wide depending on the model. 
  • Painting : With water, biological components, CE certified. Hand painted.
  • Wall clamp: A nail or a screw will suffice to suspend it.
  • Stickers : Stickers.
  • Composition : Babynotte: Heart, 4 Balloons, Moon, Elephant on Moon . Stickers: Stars and Little Clouds



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