The 10 Best Baby Cribs

The 10 Best Baby Cribs

Are you expecting a happy event very soon, and do you want to prepare to welcome your baby properly? The purchase of certain specific furniture and accessories will be necessary. In your little one's room, you will obviously need a bed. But which model to choose? The choice is vast.

To allow your baby to have an excellent night's sleep, you must choose a comfortable bed for him that is adapted to his age and morphology. To help you find the bed that suits him best, we invite you to discover the top 10 best baby beds below. As a bonus, we have listed the main criteria to consider in order to choose the ideal bed for your toddler.

Top 10 best beds for your baby

This selection of the best baby beds below is based on several criteria, such as ease of use, accessories, cost and not to mention the design.

1— Marcel de Galipette convertible bed

The Marcel baby bed combines practicality and elegance. Featuring attractive oak panels decorated with grooves, this model is distinguished by moldings on the bed backs. Scalable, this solid beech bed is adjustable in two positions. For a newborn you will opt for the high position, while as your child grows you can adjust the position of the bed and lower it.

Respectful of the European standard, it transforms into a junior bed in two stages, three movements, once the child has reached his third year. If you wish, you can install or remove the bars. This bed will be the best companion for your beloved child's nights until he is around 5 years old.

Marcel baby bed

2— TOMI 18 crib

The TOMI 18 cot is a practical and totally secure model, compliant with the EN 716 safety standard prescribed by the European Union. Equipped with a sliding barrier, it allows parents to access the bed without difficulty.

In addition to its secure side, this bed offers a chic design that will blend in with the decor of your little one's room . However, it should be noted that its assembly may take some time. Anyway, with its three removable bars, the bed will allow the baby to enjoy freedom of movement.

3— Confetti crib by Vertbaudet

Here is another model with bars that you can easily integrate into the decor of your child's room. Available in different colors, this crib by Vertbaudet has everything to please. Designed in wood, and more specifically in wood fiber panels, this bed provides a cozy and soft bedding for your baby.

The bed base of this bed can be adjusted in height to three positions. Parents will then avoid back pain when sleeping or taking baby in their arms. Easy to assemble, this bed will be a real decorative asset in your baby's room.


4— Marie-Sofie de Quax crib

Both aesthetic and functional, the Marie-Sofie crib by Quax, measuring 60 x 120 cm, has solid panels on its rear and front part, for optimal safety. With sober but very modern lines, this bed is available in four colours: brown, grey, beige and white. You will choose the version that goes best with the decorative style of your little one's room.

With a bedding that can be configured on three levels, this bed will be able to accompany your child for several years. In addition, the bed is robust, not to mention that its assembly is carried out in no time. Baby will definitely be comfortable there!

5— Archipel convertible bed by La Redoute Interiors

With this model offered by La Redoute Interiors, you will have enough to store your baby's belongings. With its Scandinavian style, this convertible combined bed is made up of safety bars and comes with a mattress, storage compartments and a changing table. Everything is there for an excellent organization of your little one's clothes and diapers.

With PEFC certification, this Archipel bed has three beds, which you can use as your baby grows, from birth until he is 6 years old. It should be noted that the chest of drawers is independent. You are free to combine it with the bed or place it in the child's own bedroom or in the bathroom.

6— Dailys convertible bed from La Cabane de Calys

French-designed, the Dailys convertible cot from La Cabane de Calys is made of solid wood. Consisting of an adjustable bed base on two levels, this bed can be converted into a junior bed 70 x 140 cm. This, thanks to its two long sides included. You can remove these long tails when baby no longer needs them.

7— Nova convertible bed by Sauthon

Sauthon is a brand specializing in the manufacture of beds for children. With this Nova convertible bed , it provides parents and their toddler with a convertible bed that can be transformed until the child reaches adulthood. Indeed, this 140 x 70 cm bed can be converted into a 140 x 190 cm bed, according to your needs.

Crafted from beech and fiberboard, this bed features flat balusters, ensuring extra safety for the little one while they sleep. It also includes a beech bed base that can be adjusted in height to three positions. With its foot and headboard in melamine particleboard, this bed is aesthetic in every way!


8— Safety 1st 2-in-1 Bed

Versatile bed par excellence, this model presented by Safety 1st has many advantages. First, you can adjust it in height. Even better, there are seven positions to choose from. If parents want to have their baby by their side during their first months, all they have to do is remove one side of the bed, which is retractable. The bed will then attach to the parent's bed.

As practical as it is comfortable, this bed is equipped with a well-padded mattress included with purchase. Baby can use it from birth to a certain age. This, because the bed can support up to 9 kg. The only fault that can be attributed to this bed is probably the thinness of its mattress.

9— Hanna Petit Crib by Pinolino

German brand that specializes in the design of toys and furniture for children, Pinolino has many models of baby beds, including the Hanna Petit crib. With clean, modern lines, this bed has a three-level adjustable bed base.

Robust and durable, this bed is made of solid beech, from eco-managed forests. Convertible bed, it has three bars that parents can remove to help the child develop his autonomy.

10— Chicco Next 2 Me Baby Crib

The last model on this list and not the least, the Next 2 Me crib from Chicco is the ideal bed for parents who want their toddler to sleep close to theirs. This co-sleeping cradle is particularly practical, because when baby grows up, you can use it as a classic cradle, placing it in the toddler's room.

Its main asset is that it is adjustable in height, on six levels. The bed can even tilt. This will promote the baby's digestion, after feeding or meals. Note that this bed is supplied with a mattress, as well as a carrying bag.


The criteria for choosing a baby bed

Before buying this or that model of a bed, you need to study the issue and take into account some parameters.

A bed adapted to the baby's age

First of all, you must choose the baby's bed according to his age. During the first months of a child, you can turn to a simple crib. From the sixth month, the crib will do just fine. Otherwise, by opting for a convertible bed, you offer your child a bed that he can use until his ninth year.

The safety of your child, a fundamental criterion

A secure bed is synonymous with comfortable and peaceful sleep for the baby. To guarantee optimal safety, check that the bed is stable and that the mattress is soft enough for maximum comfort. Bet also on a bed where the bars are well tightened between them. Last point, choose models that meet the European standard.

A practical bed for easy use

To facilitate the use of the bed, both for the parents and for the child, a height-adjustable bed is to be favoured. Thus, you can put your little darling to bed without suffering from back pain. Likewise, choose a bed with a retractable side or bars, to simplify the entry of the little one into the box spring.

Design, a point not to be overlooked

Although the design is a secondary criterion, you should not neglect it. In a bedroom, the bed is a central element. The design of the bed will allow you to determine the style and bedroom decoration to adopt in the child's room. So prefer a design model that will offer a unique touch to your toddler's room.