The 7 best baby room cabinets

The 7 best baby room cabinets

That's it, your little one is finally among you! What pleasant news! But as good parents as you are, you must of course already have everything planned. So what did you choose for storage furniture in the baby's room? Haven't you thought about it yet? This is exactly what this article will discuss.

With the arrival of a newborn, your life as a couple will change radically. You will now have to think about several things about your baby: milk, stroller, clothes... Speaking of clothes, you will have to store them properly in the little one's bedroom. Among the furniture available on the market, you have the good old wardrobe.

But which model to choose? The wardrobe comes in different models that differ in their design materials, dimensions, styles… But above all, the wardrobe must meet all your needs. To help you select the right furniture, discover below some criteria to take into account, as well as a top 7 of the particularly original and practical models offered by brands specializing in the field.

The main criteria to consider when choosing a wardrobe for a baby's room

In terms of furniture to be installed in a baby's room, like furniture in other rooms of the house, there are many solutions. In order to make the right choice, you will have to take a certain number of criteria into consideration, including the manufacturing materials, the size, the functionalities… Do not forget to refer to the room decoration. Let's see all this in detail.

What material to choose for a wardrobe in a baby's room?

The material is an important criterion, because it largely determines the style of the wardrobe, but also its robustness and durability. Here, the options are varied. You can first opt ​​for a metal cabinet which will be perfect, especially if you want to create an industrial atmosphere in the room of your cherub.

A natural wood wardrobe, there is nothing better to offer a Scandinavian and retro touch to the toddler's room. You will then opt for raw wood. If you want a more classic style, bet on a varnished wood cabinet.

MDF, a particularly robust composite material, is often used to make a cabinet. By choosing a cabinet in colored MDF or lacquered in white, the room will be more modern. This material has the advantage of being easy to maintain, as a simple wipe with a slightly damp sponge does the trick.

The right dimensions for a wardrobe to place in the child's room

In a child's room, we usually find his bedding, a furniture to store toys, and possibly an office. Aside from all this, you also need to think about the cabinet and where to place it.

Regardless of the size of the bedroom, in addition to the space occupied by furniture, you should leave a free area of ​​at least 4 m² in the room. This, to allow your little darling to be at ease in his little world. By taking this point into account, you can more easily determine the maximum depth and width of the cabinet to choose.

Also, you can base it on the usage of the cabinet. If your boy or girl uses his wardrobe alone, bet on shallow furniture. You can store his clothes in a single row. No clothes will be concealed in the background.

Depending on the number of dresses or jackets your child has, you will define whether he needs a large wardrobe or not. Depending on its size, you can opt for a low-height piece of furniture. But as he grows, that means his clothes will also be bigger in size. You will then have to replace its cabinet or obtain an upgradeable piece of furniture. In any case, the size of the child is a parameter that should not be neglected to know the ideal dimensions of the wardrobe.

The different types of cabinets available on the market

There are many essential elements in a toddler's room: bed or crib, wall night light, armchair… The wardrobe is essential furniture. Many parents believe that a chest of drawers may suffice. However, the wardrobe has an important advantage: it is spacious and offers several storage compartments. Here are some cabinet models that you can buy on the market.

A wardrobe with a wardrobe compartment

While some wardrobes only have shelves, others consist of two well-distributed parts: the wardrobe on the right and the shelves on the left. Ideally, it would always be best to opt for a cabinet that contains both of these parts.

It is indeed practical to be able to hang certain clothes of the child in the wardrobe, particularly those which crease easily or those designed in a delicate fabric. In addition, the wardrobe makes it easier to sort out the little darling's clothing effects. It will be easier for you to find your way around.

The shelves on the other side of the wardrobe will allow you to store folded clothes well. The part of the cabinet close to the ground will be used to store slippers and shoes. With a wardrobe with a hanging space, all of the little one's things will have a specific place.

A cupboard with several drawers

Just like the wardrobe with hanging space, the one with drawers is practical. Being compartmentalized, it makes it possible to distribute clothing and clothing accessories by gender. You can then store the dresses in one drawer, the pants in another, the panties and socks apart, as well as the shorts, the underwear...

Cabinet with two, three or four doors

In addition to drawers and hanging space, the wardrobe can be equipped with one, two, three or even four doors. And you will have understood, the more doors it has, the more storage there is. Again, the number of doors will depend on the age of your baby.

Generally, as the baby grows, the baby will need more clothing effects. In principle, a two-door model will be more than adequate. If you have twins, a wardrobe with three or four doors will come in handy.

Wardrobe with hinged doors or sliding doors?

Here is a practical criterion of the wardrobe, because it is about how it opens. When buying such furniture, you will have to choose between two main types of doors: sliding or hinged. If the baby's room is quite narrow, it is recommended that you opt for furniture with sliding doors. This will make it easier for you, knowing that when you open the cabinet, the doors will slide out without taking over the space.

But if you have a large space, hinged doors will be welcome. Especially since with such doors, you will have an eye on your child's entire wardrobe. Here, everything is a question of practicality and space.

Top 7 Best Wardrobes for a Toddler's Room

Now that we have reviewed the types of cabinets available on the market, let's discover the best models offered by brands specializing in this branch. They stand out both for their functionality and for the style they sport.

1— The Noa children's wardrobe: for a beach atmosphere

Have you chosen a relaxing style in your sweetie's room? This Noa wardrobe with a beach atmosphere will find its place there. This is a wardrobe in the shape of a beach cabin. What better way to imbue your little angel with a relaxed atmosphere that invites daydreaming and adventure! This Noa cabinet has three shelves and is 1.72m high. It consists of several compartments to store all your child's belongings with good organization.

2— The Calvi, Kadolis wardrobe: a secure piece of furniture

If your child's bedroom is narrow, if you can't decide between a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, here is the perfect compromise you need: the Calvi wardrobe. This piece of furniture is equipped with three storage shelves, a wardrobe compartment and two very wide drawers. Made in France, this cabinet is made of MDF wood, with PEFC certification. In addition, it features " Soft Close " technology, allowing drawers and doors to close gently, without hurting the child.

3— The Montessori children's wardrobe: to help baby develop

Here is a piece of furniture specially designed to suit the size of a child. He can then put away his clothes himself in his wardrobe. Why "Montessori"? Because this furniture can promote the autonomy and development of the child. By offering your cherub this piece of furniture, you will encourage him and be able to teach him to choose his own outfit and therefore to dress independently.

4— The Authentic Style solid pine bonnetière wardrobe: for a touch of rusticity

If there is not enough space for a wardrobe in your toddler's room, the Authentic Style wardrobe is for you. With its rustic side, this high hosier will give you all the space you need to store your little one's things in order. With one drawer and three shelves, this solid pine furniture, which is also waxed in a honey hue, will not only bring very practical storage compartments, but also a unique style to your child's room. The room will be warmer. Note that the cabinet door can open both left and right, it's up to you.

5— Baby Kombu wardrobe, Akiten Retail: for more elegance in the baby's room

A cabinet as practical as it is durable, this model by Akiten Retail is made in Europe. Erected on solid beech legs, this piece of furniture owes its sturdiness and longevity in part to its design material: melamine-faced MDF wood. It includes two small doors and a large door, behind which there are two shelves and two wardrobes. The small doors also conceal storage compartments.

6— The Vertbaudet double wardrobe: to better sort the cherub's clothes

L’Vertbaudet double wardrobe has everything to please. Like any wardrobe worthy of the name, it contains several compartments to properly sort all the clothes and belongings of the little one. For this, you have at your disposal a wardrobe, shelves and two drawers. Supplied with three kinds of handles in different colours, this wardrobe will blend in with the decor of the child's room.

7— The Roma two-door wardrobe, Leomark: an exceptional design for a beautiful decor

Last of this top 7, but not least, the Leomark cabinet is designed in MDF wood. If you want to create a theme based on the magic, this furniture is what you need. It has three movable shelves, the height of which is adjustable. It also contains a bar that will allow you to arrange a wardrobe.

So, which model did you like the most? Whatever style you choose, take care to study the parameters mentioned above in order to make an excellent choice.