The 7 best toys storage furniture

The 7 best toys storage furniture

In a children's room, just like in an adult room, storage is essential. This ensures better organization in the room. To optimize the space, several compartments are necessary to better store all the things of the little one. As the saying goes: "Everything in its place and a place for everything". A functional layout is therefore required, to help you find your way around.

To make tidying up your child's bedroom less time consuming and easier, selecting the right furniture is essential. Also, it is a good idea to have several storage spaces, as this will get your toddler used to staying orderly.

Aside from furniture for storing clothes, you also need to think about furniture for your little one's toys. And there's no shortage of toy storage options. There are indeed various solutions to organize your child's toys.

Whether it is to place board games, books, stuffed animals, dolls or small automobiles, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to furniture. In this article, we invite you to discover the top 7 of the best toy storage furniture.

Toy storage: open or closed furniture?

To properly and efficiently store your cherub's toys in the room reserved for him, you have the choice of different kinds of furniture. These are classified into two main categories, namely open furniture and closed models.

If you have young children, prefer open furniture, which has the advantage of being easy to access. In addition, open furniture is safer for a toddler, knowing that with closed furniture, he can get his finger stuck and hurt himself. By opting for toy bags, baskets, open cubes, shelves or bookcases, this will greatly facilitate the task. In addition, it will make it possible to decorate the room.

Over the years, your baby will grow and her toy needs and expectations will change as she ages. It will then be more practical to provide him with closed storage furniture, such as a chest, a cupboard, drawers to put under the bed or a small wardrobe. But whether you rely on an open or closed piece of furniture, to simplify the task for your child, consider adding lightings near storage furniture.

Zoom on the top 7 of the best furniture to store toys

As you have seen, the choice of your child's toy storage furniture is based on various criteria. Starting with his age, then the type of toy to store and the space you have in the loulou's room. Let's discover the top 7 pieces of furniture to favor to better sort the toys in your little darling's room.

1— The toy box: the ultimate toy storage accessory

Easy to install in the little one's room, the toy box allows you to store any play accessory and toy:

  • All kinds of stuffed animals;
  • Construction games;
  • Game boxes;
  • Toy cars, electrical circuits, trains and locomotives;
  • Dolls, figurines…

In a toy box, your toddler's belongings will be protected from dust. Regarding the model to choose, you have them in all sizes and in different materials. Some are rectangular and others are square and even triangular, which can then be placed at the corner of two walls. You can also find chests that are flat enough to sit under your little darling's bed.

The design materials of a toy box are multiple. You have the choice between metal, wicker, plastic or wood. On the decorative side, it's up to you: flashy or sober colors, with or without patterns... Anyway, select the model that suits you, by referring to the room decor and the space available therein.

2— Boxes and other storage bins

Kids love storage boxes and cubes. With this equipment, you will have little trouble asking them to put their toys away. It will be a fun activity for them. Storage boxes come in several designs. You even have transparent ones. Thus, your little one will be able to see his toys through the walls of the box. It will be more convenient and more fun for him.

The advantage with boxes is that you can place them everywhere. You can install them in a corner of the room, under the bed or under a small table. It is even possible to put them on a shelf or in a compartment of a bookcase.

3— The bookcase: excellent solution for storing toys in an orderly way

If initially a library is specially designed to accommodate books, CDs and works of all kinds, this piece of furniture can perfectly serve as toy storage furniture. So if you are looking for a library to install in the children's room, know that there are various models. Prefer wooden models, equipped with wheels and with a swivel system. It will be more convenient for the little one.

You will easily find the ideal location for the small library of your cherub. You will store all his favorite books there. For a better decoration, you can add some decorative objects between the books.

4— Hanging shelves: as functional as they are decorative

To better organize the storage of your toddler's toys, do not hesitate to opt for hanging shelves. As decorative as they are functional, they will not only allow you to store toys in an orderly fashion, but they will also enhance the room and give it a note of originality. To illuminate the shelves, you can attach a wall night light on either side of them.

The shelves, you can choose them in raw wood or being painted. To allow the child to access it, make sure that the height of the furniture does not exceed its size. A shallow depth is also recommended. On a shelf, children can place their books, stuffed animals, figurines, toy cars...

5— Toy bags and baskets: to keep the cherub's toys in a safe place

The toy bag is undeniably one of the essential accessories in a child's room. Very practical, you just have to introduce the toys without worrying about a certain order. There is a version of the toy bag that easily unfolds and spreads out like a carpet. To store the toys, you simply place them on the spread out bag, then pull the straps of the bag closed, with the toys inside.

The basket is another classic for easy storage of stuffed animals, dolls... Whether you choose it in fabric, plastic or you use a woven basket, all you have to do is pile up all the toys lying around.

6— Storage drawers: to store everything in an organized way

Just as practical as storage boxes, and even less bulky, the storage drawer can be placed under the bed with ease. All the toys scattered around the baby's room will have their place there. This will then avoid invading the little one's room with clutter.

There are various types of drawers, ranging from the wooden model to the wicker one, passing through the plastic, and even the fabric. In these compartments, you can store your son's electrical circuit, construction games, Legos, or even your daughter's dolls which are generally supplied with accessories.

7— The wardrobe, a perfect piece of furniture for storing toys

Benefiting from a particularly large storage space, the wardrobe is a tote par excellence. You can put several things there, as well as your little darling's toys. Contrary to what one might think, the wardrobe is not only used as a wardrobe. You can also use it as storage furniture in a bedroom, living room or playroom.

If your son or daughter has many costumes and disguises, the wardrobe will come in handy. You can reserve part of the furniture to store all your paraphernalia. A wardrobe has different compartments. The wardrobe will allow you to place the costumes, while in the drawers you can store the accessories.

The importance for a child of having a well-ordered room

For a child, the bedroom is a space of great importance. He has fun, rests, plays and reads. It was in this room that he spent most of his time during the first years of his life. It is therefore essential that he is comfortable there, so that he can flourish in the best conditions. Apart from his bed, his mattress, his clothes, his toys will occupy a large place.

The effects to be stored in the room of a small are therefore in large number. You must therefore install any kind of storage there to optimize the space and avoid cluttering everything. To do this, you must exploit every corner of the room. Your cherub will then be able to sleep and play in a tidy room.

In this context, the choice of toy storage furniture should in no way be neglected. As you will have seen, there is no shortage of options. To sum up, depending on the space available in the child's room and the toys to be stored, you can choose between:

  • The toy box;
  • Boxes and other storage bins;
  • The library ;
  • Hanging shelves;
  • Toy bags and baskets;
  • Storage drawers;
  • The wardrobe.