Everything you need to know about the travel cot: the 5 tips to remember

Everything you need to know about the travel cot: the 5 tips to remember

Also called a portable bed or foldable bed, the travel cot is an extra bed intended for young children. Specially designed to be easily transported, this type of bed allows you to take your little one wherever you go. Comfortable, folding, secure, this accessory will be useful to you, at home, with your friends or when traveling.

There are a large number of models of travel cots. It can therefore be difficult to choose the model best suited to your baby. To help you make the best choice, we invite you to discover in this article some essential information you need to know about the travel cot.

We also offer you our five practical tips to follow before making a decision. Some selection criteria will also need to be taken into consideration before finalizing the acquisition of such an accessory. Are you ready ? Let's go !

The travel cot in a few words

Before giving you practical advice for choosing the right travel cot model, it is essential to know the product in question better. Extra bed, travel cot or folding bed is mainly aimed at small children. Simple to transport, it is therefore one of the many beds for toddlers. For this reason, it must be secure, comfortable and easy to fold.

If you have to leave the house and sleep with relatives or friends and you want to offer your little one comfort identical to that they enjoy at home, the travel cot will be your best ally. Thanks to its structure similar to that of the bed which ensures baby's safety, to its mattress and its under-mattress, it provides optimal comfort to your little darling.

Foldable and unfoldable as desired, this bed can be stored in a snap. This, thanks to its carrying case which is usually provided with the purchase of the bed. Either way, you should keep in mind that it is simply an extra bed, which does not replace a child's classic crib. In reality, it is not intended for everyday use. Furthermore, it is not recommended to use the extra bed if your baby is less than 3 months old.

The different models of travel cots

In principle, there are only two main types of travel cots, namely the demountable model and the foldable model. The two versions have things in common: ensuring peaceful and restorative sleep for your toddler and guaranteeing optimal comfort.

What you need to know about the foldable travel cot

The foldable travel cot is a particularly practical model, given its lightness. Given its foldable nature, it is space-saving. You will therefore not have much difficulty folding it in order to store it in a corner of your house.

In addition, folding and unfolding is accomplished in no time. If you want to use it, all you have to do is unfold it. To do this, all you have to do is press a button. As light as it is comfortable, you can take it anywhere without constraint. However, it should be noted that it does not have the same resistance as a removable model.

What about the removable travel cot?

As its name suggests, this model is easy to assemble and disassemble. A few minutes will allow you to do this. The removable travel cot has certain advantages, in this case its reliability as well as its robustness. However, we will note some negative points, such as its weight, which makes transporting it a little more complicated.

The options and accessories offered on a travel cot

Beyond its main function which is to provide a peaceful resting place for your baby, the travel cot can include certain functionalities. The presence of these features will help you more easily choose the model that best suits your child. Because just like choosing an accessory in your little angel’s room, like a wall lamp or a chest of drawers, that of the travel cot should not be taken lightly. You must take certain parameters into account.

In short, the travel cot can also serve as a play area. It can even include all kinds of options. Thus, additional features and accessories complete the travel cot, to make it even more practical and functional.

A travel cot with changing table

The changing table is a feature present on certain travel cot models. Thanks to this, you will be able to change your baby when his diaper is full. This, without having to go back and forth between the changing table and the bed.

The bed reducer and booster

This option is available on an adjustable travel cot. It allows you to adjust the height of the bed to different levels. When the bed has a booster seat, it is also customary for it to include the “cradle” mode, allowing the child to be rocked and rocked to help them fall asleep.

The ark with hanging toys and stuffed animals

To help baby have fun while he is in the travel cot, there are models equipped with arches made up of hanging toys or soft toys. A musical mobile is sometimes included in this type of accessory.

The thermometer integrated into the travel cot

On some travel cots, you can also have a particularly interesting option, to name only the integrated thermometer. This gadget will allow you to know what the ambient temperature is in the room where you will install the bed.

Other accessories present on a travel cot

Aside from the elements mentioned above, the travel cot can also be equipped with pockets, inside which you can store your cherub's toys, as well as other products, such as the bottle, diapers or baby cream. little. You will then have everything at your fingertips.

Other accessories, like wheels, are more than useful. Thanks to them, you will move the bed without having to make any effort, and without first dismantling the bed. Finally, you may also like models equipped with a night light attached to the walls of the bed, a mosquito net or a playpen.

The 5 tips to remember when choosing a travel cot

Before purchasing a travel cot, certain criteria must be taken into consideration, in order to make the best choice, for you, but also and above all for your child. To help you, here are 5 tips to remember before purchasing this accessory.

Check the folding and unfolding mode of the travel cot

You must be able to easily manipulate the folding system of the travel cot. Before purchasing this bed, remember to check the folding operation mode and see for yourself if you can assemble, disassemble, install or store it with ease. Still, the folding device must be sophisticated enough that a young child will not be able to engage it.

A good travel cot should be able to fold and unfold without difficulty. This criterion is fundamental and you must take it into account when choosing this or that model. A little advice: when you go to a store to make your purchase, ask the seller to demonstrate how to use the equipment.

Carefully select the weight of the bed

On average, the travel cot weighs 10 kg. It should still be noted that there are lighter and heavier ones. Just know that the lighter the portable bed, the more practical it will be. However, the heavier it is, the more stability it will have.

To guarantee maximum comfort of use, a light and compact model is recommended, as it will be more practical and easier to handle. A light grind will easily find its place in a corner of your home.

Find out about the comfort of the mattress

On a travel cot, it is strongly recommended not to replace the mattress or add another futon. And for good reason, if you fix this element incorrectly, it can cause accidents, such as the child choking. So, you need to make sure that the original mattress is of excellent quality.

Make sure that the mattress is very thick and has good padding in order to be able to support the baby's weight and provide optimal comfort. The mattress should be able to accommodate up to 15 kg. Furthermore, prefer a model with a natural fiber covering, such as cotton.

The safety of the cherub, a significant criterion

Third tip: choose a safe travel cot model for your little darling. For this reason, opt for a sturdy bed, for example consolidated with steel or aluminum bars. Also remember to check that the equipment is stable after installing it.

On the other hand, opt for a bed with 6 feet, this will prevent the bed from shaking and causing the little one to fall from their bed. Likewise, choose a model equipped with non-slip feet. If you want, you can opt for a bed with wheels. This will make it easier to move around.

Do not buy a travel cot because it is inexpensive

Another criterion that should not be overlooked: the price. This varies depending on several parameters, such as the folding device, the quality of the mattress, the weight as well as the functions that the bed includes. As has already been mentioned, the travel cot can include a changing table, a mosquito net and several other options.

For an entry-level travel cot without accessories, you will cost almost 50 euros. For a better quality model with more comfort, you will get it for around a hundred euros. If you can afford it, you can opt for the multifunctional nomadic bed, the price of which is around 200 euros.

A brief summary of the choice of travel cot

As you will have understood, the travel cot is essential if you often have to sleep away from home and you want your child to always sleep comfortably. Due to its specific features, you can not only use it at home, but also anywhere else. In order to find the model that best meets your expectations, the following points should be considered when purchasing it:

  • An easy-to-use folding and unfolding device;
  • Optimal comfort to allow baby to sleep peacefully;
  • Increased safety to anticipate accident risks;
  • Accessories and options for greater practicality;
  • An ideal weight for ease of transport.