What curtain for a child's room?

What curtain for a child's room?

When furnishing your child's room, you must go through several stages, to name only the choice and installation of furniture, the selection of decorative objects, and we will not forget to mention the linen. bed as well as the curtains. Speaking of curtains, there is no shortage of alternatives.

Undeniable element of decoration in a bedroom, the curtain has both a functional and decorative aspect. It allows on the one hand to better control the natural light and on the other hand to better dress the windows and to offer a touch of color and aesthetics to the room.

Are you looking for the ideal curtain for your sweetie's bedroom? Before choosing a particular model, first consider a few essential points: the type of curtain, the theme of the little one's room, the color and the characteristics of the curtain. We invite you to discover all this in more detail.

What type of curtain to install in the toddler's room?

In a bedroom for a toddler, just like in other bedrooms, the choice in terms of curtains is quite wide. To give you an overview, here are some types of curtains that you can use to dress the windows in your little darling's room. Know how to choose the right curtain, as this will go a long way in improving the room decoration.

Thin curtains: to take advantage of the sun's rays when the weather is nice

Sheer curtains gently block out the sun's rays. As a general rule, these types of curtains are most often used in addition to a thick curtain which blocks out the sun's rays more effectively. Thanks to the thin curtain, the child will not wake up with too bright light in the morning. Its fine fabric will therefore protect your baby's eyes.

Blinds: a good alternative to control the light in the bedroom

Blinds have a certain advantage, as they reduce the light in the room. Depending on their arrangement in the bedroom, they can completely darken the room or let in a few rays of sunlight. There are several types of blinds, including roll-up models and Phoenician versions.

Double curtains: to better filter natural light

A double curtain is a thick blackout curtain. Thanks to its fabric, it helps to better hide the light that comes in from the outside. When baby takes his afternoon naps, all you have to do is extend the double curtain to filter the natural light. Also, when it is hot, you can open the window of the room, but keep the double-curtain closed. This will allow you to refresh the indoor temperature from the room.

Criteria for selecting a curtain for a child's room

Several criteria must be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal model of curtains to install in your little angel's bedroom. Take this into account to make the best choice.

Curtains: to be selected according to the theme of the decoration of the room

The theme of the room is a criterion not to be overlooked. If, for example, the room has a decor focused on princesses, prefer curtains rather than blinds. You can just as well opt for double curtains, in accordance with the colors of the chosen theme.

Similarly, if you have decided to introduce a theme on the sea and the holidays, you will install decorative objects in this theme: suspension in the shape of a starfish, exotic wall night light, carpets in the colors of the sea… As for the curtains, you will turn to heavy curtains in a light blue tone. In short, the ideas are multiple. The main thing is that you stick to the theme.

Acoustic, visual and thermal insulation of the curtain

To fall asleep easily, a child must be warm enough. The atmosphere should be peaceful and the room quite dark. For all these reasons, it is important that the curtains in the baby's room have excellent insulation performance.

In this context, a thick velvet curtain is a good option, since its heavy texture will help not only to make the room darker, but also to protect the baby from the cold. A blackout curtain, with a polyester and acrylic face, can also do the trick.

The ideal material for the curtain of a baby room

When you buy curtains that you plan to install in a child's room, you will have to think about the material from which they are made. The curtain is available in various materials, of which here are some.

Thick, blackout curtains

When it's time for bedtime or the child's nap, plunging the room into total darkness is recommended so that he can fall asleep more quickly. If its windows have no shutters, with blackout curtains, you can create a dark environment for it, conducive to falling asleep. These kinds of curtains will prevent sunlight from entering the room.

Regarding blackout curtains, you have the choice between those with an acrylic face and those with a polyester face. In the list of materials for thick curtains, you have suede, twill and velvet. These materials will help you create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, especially in winter.

The velvet curtain is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of curtains. Comforting and imposing, velvet protects both from the freshness of winter nights and from summer light. For perfect harmony in the little one's room, favor velvet curtains in toned and soft shades.

Cotton curtains: as practical as they are aesthetic

In a cherub's sleeping room, many parents rely on cotton curtains especially for their practicality. First, cotton is easy to clean. In addition, it is available in several colors. Given its affordable price, you can buy several and change the curtains when you want. In addition, it should be emphasized that cotton is light.

Thin curtains and sheers

The bedroom is a living room in which the little one plays with his toys, reads books or does his homework. It may be a good idea to allow daylight into the bedroom from time to time.

Thanks to a light veil, you can imbue the room with a friendly and intimate atmosphere. At the same time, you will avoid the vis-à-vis of the neighborhood to your little darling. In this category of curtains, you have the organza model. Playing a purely decorative role, it elegantly dresses the windows and brings a graceful side to the room.

The linen curtain: the best compromise between blackout and transparent curtains

Linen is a soft material and currently very trendy. It gives more style to the baby's room. If it is not totally blackout, this curtain still has the ability to slightly darken the room. It can be used in particular to sift daylight during naps in the summer season. Regardless of the shade chosen, the linen curtain will offer a natural touch to your baby's room.

Children's bedroom curtain: what colors to adopt?

When it comes to selecting curtains, you obviously have to think about their colors. For their choice, refer mainly to the theme of the room and the sex of your toddler.

What color to favor in a boy's room?

For your little wolf's room, which wants to be masculine, but in a childish style with pep, you can bet on curtains in bright tones, like orange, yellow or turquoise. You will lighten these shades by combining them with white sheer or furniture in neutral colors.

Otherwise, you can adopt a shades of blue or green. This will suit with a theme on the forest, the jungle or the savannah, but also on the ocean, the trip. Themes that little boys love.

The perfect shades for a girl's room

In the room dedicated to a little girl, we often tend to prefer shades of pink. It can be effective for curtains. Nevertheless, to avoid falling into the trap of the total look, do not abuse the color. Use it in moderation. For example, in a bedroom where the walls have a neutral tone, with pink curtains, the room can have a girly note.

Aside from pink, you have several other colors. Pastel shades are popular today. From water green to pastel orange, passing through chick yellow, the solutions are many and varied. All these shades will provide freshness to the bedroom.

And for a mixed room then?

If you have to put your children in one room, because you are running out of space in your house, you can make the room suitable for both a girl and a little boy. First, you can turn to neutral colors, such as white, cream or gray.

If you want, you can additionally give dynamism to these neutral curtains by pairing them with curtains in brighter colors. Otherwise, yellow, orange or red are tones that can perfectly adapt to a mixed bedroom decor.

Curtains in solid color or with patterns: which to prefer?

The choice of curtains goes through the selection of the material, the color and finally the patterns they present. The options are multiple and you can already decide between a plain or patterned curtain.

The plain curtain: a wise choice

A plain curtain is sometimes ideal for enhancing the decor of a room. If the color that dominates your baby's room is light, bet on curtains in dynamic colors, such as green or blue. To refine the decoration, you can combine the color of the curtains with that of the decorative objects in the room.

A themed curtain: why not!

A thematic curtain, it is done absolutely. You will indeed find on the market curtains bearing the image of your child's favorite cartoon characters. If this idea interests you, ask the opinion of your cherub.

Various patterns on the curtain

To reinforce the theme of the decoration of your loulou's room, you can harmonize the patterns of the curtains with the theme. Have you introduced a flower theme in the room? Opt for floral curtains. Does the theme relate to space? Patterns with planets will be welcome.

For a more classic atmosphere, you can choose checkered, striped or polka dot patterns. Finally, in order to give more punch to the room, do not hesitate to highlight geometric patterns: squares, triangles or diamonds will offer originality to the room.