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Baby boy bedroom: 10 decorative ideas

Baby boy bedroom: 10 decorative ideas

You will soon be the happy parents of a little boy? What good news ! Have you already made decisions about decorating your future baby's room? If before we had tended to turn the decoration of a baby boy's room towards shades of blue, today the trend is reinventing itself. Exit the clichés of blue, and go for an original style where the colors can combine and form a harmonious whole.

In the room dedicated to your little boy, the choice in terms of decoration is vast. From the selection of color palettes to adopt to the theme, through the installation of furniture or lighting, there is no shortage of decorating ideas. To help you decorate this room that you will dedicate to your little one, discover below 10 tips and ingenious ideas for a successful decoration in a baby boy's room.

The basic elements for a successful baby boy bedroom decor

To begin, here are 5 recommendations that will allow you to start decorating your little darling's room on a good basis. This includes the layout of the room, the colors to favor, the dominant theme in the room, the lighting and the space to sleep. Whether you are decorating a baby girl's or boy's room , know that the steps are practically the same.

1— How to undertake the development of the infant's space?

If the decoration of a room is above all an aesthetic concept, you should not omit the functional side either. When you start designing your little angel's room, you must therefore think about optimizing the space, so that you can have all the necessary furniture and amenities and take full advantage of every corner of the room.

To properly arrange the bedroom, divide each space of it into several sections. For example, you will reserve a corner for storage, another corner for sleep and rest, another for playtime and yet another for changing diapers.

A priori, the main spaces to integrate in this room are the bedding and the changing table. For your layout to be complete, storage compartments will be essential. In the sleeping area, you obviously have the bed. That of the games will include the baby's toys which will preferably be spread out on shelves. While the changing table will be the place dedicated to washing and changing diapers. Finally, think of a small square meter for the chest of drawers, or cupboards.

Between each corner, always leave a space wide enough so that you can move freely. You will install each piece of furniture in such a way that it makes it easier for you. For example, don't move the changing table away from the crib. This is only a suggestion. It's up to you to see how you organize yourself to benefit from an optimized layout and a functional space.

2— The selection of colors in a baby boy's room

To create a unique decor in your toddler's room, you must not neglect the choice of tones as well as the wall decoration. This is why to design the decoration of his room, you must start by selecting the best suited colors. In addition to the traditional blue bedroom for little boys, you can bet on a neutral decorative style with colors focused on gray, brown or even beige.

You can also favor the minimalist design with black or white tones, enhanced with shades of wood. These alternatives will provide a feeling of peace and comfort in his space. If you also want to create a more cheerful atmosphere, you can combine neutral colors with pastel tones. You can also add a few splashes of bright colors, such as orange, red, green, or yellow. In any case, for a space intended for a baby boy, white must be among the colors to choose from.

Boy bedroom decorating idea

3- The theme to have in the baby's room

To make your child's room an ideal cocoon for a baby boy, the easiest way is to opt for a specific theme. In this way, you will be able to focus on objects focused on a single universe. It will then be easier to choose the appropriate decoration. At the same time, you will be able to offer a personal touch to this space.

With regard to the most frequent themes in a little boy's bedroom, we can mention in particular:

  • The sport ;
  • The sky
  • Cars ;
  • The jungle or the safari;
  • The trip ;
  • Airplanes ;
  • The trains ;
  • The music ;
  • The aquatic atmosphere…

All these themes will create a typical toddler atmosphere. And if you want to design a cocooning decor, dare animal motifs as well as natural variations. And know that it is perfectly possible to have a Scandinavian decoration in the room of your cherub, by adding Nordic furniture of course, with for example light wood furniture and wall decorations in the shape of clouds.

4— Lighting: a significant element in a baby's room

Lighting is also one of the elements of great importance for the successful decoration of your baby boy's room. In order for the room to suit the infant's needs, soft lighting should dominate the ambience. In this case, you will opt for a subdued and not bright light source.

If, for example, the baby's room has a large window, you will need to add blinds or curtains to soften the light. Also, install different types of lighting at each strategic location in the room.

You will place a wall light near the sleeping area of ​​the little one, a main light on the ceiling, a wall light above the changing table. You can also install string lights next to the dresser, so you can have a good view when choosing clothes. Another point, ban standing lamps.

Boy bedroom decorating idea

5— The essential points concerning the sleeping and resting area

For the newborn to grow well and to contribute to their well-being and health, sleep is fundamental. To arrange the sleeping area, you must act with the utmost care and make certain arrangements. To optimize the safety of the space around the little one's bed and to ensure that his bed is very cozy, it is recommended that you lay a soft and fluffy carpet on the floor and add a few cushions.

And since you will certainly have to spend time alongside your cherub, a corner of rest for you is also in order. You can then place a very comfortable armchair not far from the bed. And why not a stool or an ottoman so you can lie down or rest your feet, and thus keep an eye on your baby without getting tired.

Some additional ideas to refine the decor of the little boy's room

These few basic elements are not enough to perfect the decoration of your infant's room. To do this, you can steal one of the ideas mentioned below.

6— Opt for natural materials

In a room for a baby boy, the natural invites itself in various ways. Between wood, rattan or even bamboo, the furniture can be covered with different natural materials. This will help you add a note of originality to your little one's room.

In this context, you can choose a wooden cradle, a bamboo chest of drawers or small rattan stools. There is nothing better than naturalness to enhance a freshly furnished room. The result will be more than amazing.

Boy bedroom decorating idea

7— Wallpaper: a decorative element to integrate into the baby's room

Wallpaper is a decorative element that you can use to beautify your little boy's room. You can select the patterns you want. Nevertheless, you will have to conform to the theme that you intend to have in this piece.

So, if you want a Scandinavian style, opt for wallpaper with graphic and geometric patterns. You can also choose a wallpaper adorned with stripes, which you will only put on a section of the wall, so as not to overload the decor too much. Are you tempted by a theme based on safari? Go for leopard prints or plant motifs.

As for the installation of the wallpaper, it's up to you. The only rule to remember is not to cover all the walls of the bedroom with this coating, as this could visually weigh down the room. One or two sections of wall will suffice.

8— The classic theme: always a winning choice!

To surely succeed in decorating your toddler's room, do not hesitate to concentrate the decoration on a classic theme. By choosing this solution, you will always stay in trend. And there are plenty of options to create a classic theme.

Among the classic themes, you have that of the sea. You will play on several shades of blue, on the curtains, the walls, as well as on the sleeping accessories. A clear bed canopy will complete this theme. Space decor can do just as well.

9— Some ideas on wall decoration

The wall decoration is one of the most important elements of the decoration of a baby boy's room. Thanks to the colors, patterns and accessories that you add to the wall, you can create an atmosphere in this room.

If the blue wall is the star decoration in a masculine bedroom, this will not prevent you from selecting other tones, such as green, beige or white. Whatever happens, the ideal would be to have soft and light colors, which will help your baby to enjoy a soothing atmosphere. Light yellow, water green, azure blue, these are the shades that will go perfectly in your little darling's room.

Apart from the colors, the wall decoration also goes through a few elements, which you will sort out carefully. Fairy lights, shelves, mirrors, wall stickers… all of this will brighten up the walls of the room. Once again, remember that you will choose them according to the theme of the decor.

Boy bedroom decorating idea

10— A few details to conclude

To end on a high note, here are some ultimate ideas that could greatly help you. First, know that vintage pieces are very trendy today. Rattan seats and wooden bed will be included.

Several details will allow you to refine the decor of this room. Here are a few :

  • plush trophies;
  • An animal-shaped shelf;
  • A wall storage designed in fabric;
  • The boy's first name written on the wall;
  • A personalized wall composition;
  • A bedside lamp with an unusual shape...

With all these ideas, you will make your baby boy's room a personalized space in his image. He will enjoy it for many years. A word of advice: for him to enjoy it completely, make sure that each element of the little one's room is scalable. Thus, he will love his lair and have fun there!