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The different shapes and models of wall-mounted night lights

The different shapes and models of wall-mounted night lights

To reassure your young child when he is alone in his room, especially when he sleeps at night or takes his afternoon nap, it is recommended to leave a light source on there. To do this, bet on soft lighting.

In this specific case, we will focus particularly on the wall-mounted night light. Here is an excellent alternative to light up the room dedicated to your little one in a natural way. There are different types of wall-mounted night lights, differing in their shapes, styles and in the functionalities they incorporate.

Thanks to the creativity of the manufacturers, you have something for all styles, technologies and colors. These accessories can then be adapted to any type of decor. Are you looking for such a product? To help you make the best choice, discover below some models of night lights currently available on the market.

The main features of the wall night light

The wall-mounted night light is an accessory as pleasant as it is essential, which can be installed in a small child's room. A more than useful element, it emits a light, soft and subdued light. This calms the toddler when he has to go to bed. Practical and compact, the wall-mounted night light will accompany baby's nights to provide him with optimal sleeping comfort.

Bedtime is sometimes difficult for an infant, due to the fact that he must be left alone. But thanks to the night light which transmits low light, he will be able to fall asleep more quickly, even if he is not with mum and dad.

As its name suggests, the wall-mounted night light is intended to be fixed to the wall. This pilot light model can be powered in various ways:

  • The wall night light can be operated using a battery;
  • This light can be plugged into an electrical outlet or USB cable;
  • Some models are fitted with a battery, which can be recharged when necessary.

The importance of having a nightlight in a child's room

For a young child, falling asleep can be difficult, because the latter is alone in his bed, without the warm and reassuring arms of his parents. Partial lighting, even of a very low intensity, in his room can greatly help the little one to fall asleep more easily.

Like toys, such as cuddly toys or stuffed animals, or blankets, the night light is one of the essential accessories in a baby's room. This, in order to offer him a comfortable environment, but also and above all in order to comfort him.

Depending on the model of wall-mounted night light you buy, you can have different intensities and several colors of lights. You can then create a specific atmosphere in which your child will feel safe and at peace.

Models of wall-mounted night lights

Models of wall-mounted night lights on the market

As soon as it is born, sleep is the most privileged break time for the infant. To help him doze off easily and fall asleep, and to comfort him, the wall-mounted night light will be a major asset. There are several models of wall-mounted night lights, which differ in their shapes, their mode of supply or the functions they have.

The wall-mounted night light with projections

The wall-mounted night light with projection emits natural, subdued light into the room. Some models are equipped with an optical system to diffuse light, but also distracting images, which can help the little one to fall asleep. As a general rule, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the light according to your baby's needs.

If you want to use this wall-mounted night light, bet on a version on which you can personalize the light with the projection decorations you prefer. Opt for a model with an automatic option, allowing images to be broadcast at a set time of day.

Another feature of the wall-mounted night light with projections: it can emit a beautiful melody to help the baby fall asleep. In short, this type of wall-mounted night light is especially practical. It can come in various shapes and sizes.

The wall-mounted night light with lullaby

When it comes to wall-mounted night lights for baby rooms, you have something for every taste and every budget. Among the models on the market, you have the wall-mounted night light with lullaby. If the main function of this accessory is to illuminate the room with a soft light, it should be noted that it also allows you to listen to music and more precisely lullabies.

With a lullaby, it is clear that you will be able to put your cherub to sleep more easily. Even better, it will soothe the little one while he sleeps. On some versions of wall-mounted night lights with lullabies, you have an option to customize the melody with your voice, your heartbeat, or a melodious sound like that of nature. You can even add the melodies and lullabies of your choice, in MP3 format.

Basically, this model transmits a veiled light and is generally delivered with pre-recorded sounds, a special MP3 DC jack plug. In any case, with this lighting in your little one's bedroom, he will spend his nights more comfortably and will feel more secure.

The automatic wall-mounted night light

In addition to the wall-mounted night light with lullaby and with projection, you have the automatic wall-mounted night light. This model has a special feature. This lamp turns off and turns on automatically according to a setting that you have defined beforehand. Thanks to its timer, you can set its on and off time. Thus, you will not be forced to always adjust the device all the time.

The automatic wall-mounted baby night light is therefore equipped with a certain intelligence. If you wish, it can even be activated with a sound or a melody, if the baby ever cries or wakes up in the middle of the night. This will help him get back to sleep faster, without you having to coddle him.

Of course, together with the automatic option, the night light will illuminate your little darling's room with a soft light, so that he falls asleep easily and peacefully. Usually, this model offers variable light intensity and lighting in several colors. This will allow you to select the brightness to be set in your baby's room.

The multifunction wall-mounted night light

Last model of this list and not the least, the multifunction wall-mounted night light will undoubtedly be of great help to you. While diffusing a zen and hushed light, this type of night light embeds certain features. It is very often equipped with a hygrometer and a thermometer, in order to keep an eye on the ambient temperature and the humidity level of the room.

For information, the ideal humidity level is between 40% and 50%, while the temperature should vary from 17°C to 19°C. In order to guarantee optimal comfort for your toddler, this night light is probably the best.

Some models include a humidifier to cool the air in summer. With this wall-mounted night light, you have a tool to ensure that the atmosphere in which your baby evolves is the one that suits him. This will help him fall asleep.

Models of wall-mounted night lights

Shapes of wall night lights

The models of wall-mounted night lights are very diverse. You can choose this product by referring to its design. The wall-mounted night light is indeed available in various shapes. You can first opt ​​for models with a basic shape: round, square, oval, rectangle… The advantage with these shapes is that they can adapt to any decor.

Apart from the basic shapes, you have more original versions, such as the heart, the flower, the star, the moon, the sun, the cloud... With these designs, you can create a theme in your baby's room. Do you have a penchant for a decor centered on the stars? You will certainly find a night light in keeping with this theme.

Even more unusual than the previous shapes, you have the wall-mounted night light in the shape of animals, cartoon characters, horseshoes, trees, Christmas trees, and many more. Whatever shape you prefer, don't forget to check that the model chosen meets your expectations, and especially your baby's needs.

Summary of the advantages of the wall night light

The wall-mounted night light is a handy device, especially if you have it in a child's room. With its soft light, the little one will be less afraid. And this will make it possible to illuminate the room evenly and naturally.

Easy to use, the nightlight hangs on the wall, then is connected to an electrical outlet. All you have to do is adjust the brightness according to the needs and especially the preferences of your cherub. It should be noted that some models are equipped with batteries, and therefore do not need to be powered by an electrical outlet. You also have the rechargeable wall-mounted night lights.

In addition, the wall-mounted night light has the advantage of being energy efficient. It is indeed an economical accessory that spends little energy. Also, on some models you can have various features, which can help comfort your little angel when he is alone in his room.

The music function is one of the options available on a wall night light. This feature is especially popular because it not only helps the baby fall asleep, but also wakes him up in general. By listening to the melody, the baby will be able to begin to discern the sounds. From the musical lullaby to heartbeats, through the sound of the waves or the forest, the wall-mounted night light will contribute to the development of the little one.

Models of wall-mounted night lights

The final word

The wall-mounted night light is an economical, and above all practical, way to ensure good lighting in a child's room. Depending on the features it contains, it will facilitate his sleep and at the same time reassure the parents. Some wall-mounted night lights act as an image projector, while others can play a lullaby or specific music.

The wall-mounted night light is available in several styles and colors, in order to form a harmonious whole with the decor of your little darling's room. You can also adjust the brightness, in order to enjoy more or less intense lighting, and ideal for your child.

On some models of wall-mounted night lights, you are entitled to automated activations, but also to remote controls. Whatever the size of the room for your baby, you will find a perfect wall-mounted night light for his room.