BabyNotte 4 Balloons Wall Lamp - Remote Control

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2/3 days Delivery

2 years warranty

Battery operated

Organic Wood

Installation 5 mins


Description of the BabyNotte 4 Balloons Wall Lamp with Remote Control

The Babynotte 4 Remote Control Balloons - A Touch of Dream in Baby's Room

The essential Babynotte 4 Remote Control Balloons joins our collection with a touch of modernity. Perfect for an original and cozy decoration, this night light brings unparalleled softness to your child's world.

Lighting Designed for Peaceful Sleep

The lighting level, now adjustable with the remote control, is specially designed to respect the child's falling asleep phase, facilitating rapid and peaceful sleep.

Quality and Cocooning Atmosphere

Made from wood that meets the strictest standards, the LED system of the Babynotte 4 Ballons creates a cocooning and warm atmosphere in the baby's room.

Advanced Operation of the Babynotte 4 Remote Control Balloons

The Babynotte 4 Ballons now includes a remote control for customized light control. Adjust the intensity, choose from 9 captivating colors, and set the timer (30, 60 or 90 minutes) for automatic shutdown adapted to your child's sleep.

This remote control makes using the Babynotte 4 Ballons practical and intuitive, offering unrivaled flexibility for bedroom lighting. It is the ideal tool for creating a soothing and personalized atmosphere, facilitating gentle falling asleep for little ones.

Technical Characteristics of the Babynotte 4 Balloons with Remote Control

  • Material: 8 mm wood, European Standard E1.
  • Dimension: Approximately 30 cm long or wide, depending on the model.
  • Paint: Water-based, organic components, CE certified. Hand painted.
  • Wall hanging: Easy installation with a nail or screw.
  • Weight : 800g.
  • Batteries: Included, offering extended autonomy thanks to very low consumption of the LED strip.

This improved version of the Babynotte 4 Balloons with remote control perfectly combines artistic originality with technological advances, offering parents an elegant, customizable and practical lighting solution for their child's bedroom.