Animosa Puzzle: MAJESTIC TIGER in Wooden for Children

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Organic Wood

Ecological material


Animosa Puzzle: An Educational Journey to the Heart of the Animal Kingdom

Discover the Animosa puzzles, an invitation to adventure in the animal kingdom. Designed to spark children's curiosity, our 14-piece puzzles provide a fun and educational gaming experience. Each model, from the giraffe to the panda, is a tribute to the diversity of wildlife, made from organic wood and hand painted in our workshop with bright, attractive colors.

The uniqueness of Animosa lies in its unique pieces, shaped into animal shapes, offering an original and captivating approach to the traditional puzzle. This feature not only stimulates fine motor skills and problem solving, but also encourages shape and color recognition in young minds. Ideal for children keen to explore the animal world in an interactive way, each Animosa puzzle is a gateway to learning, enriching their understanding of the world while developing their cognitive skills.

Choose from 25 animal designs to introduce your child to the beauty and ingenuity of nature. Animosa puzzles are not just a game; they are an educational adventure, a way to share quality moments, while helping your children grow and flourish.

Give the gift of discovery with Animosa: where play meets knowledge, and where every assembly is a victory.

Educational, Eco-responsible, Imaginative

Animosa Puzzle: Fun Exploration of the Animal World

Captivating Strain

25 animal models to capture children's imagination and curiosity.

Eco-responsible Commitment

Built to last with organic wood, each puzzle guarantees safe fun and respects our planet.

Educational Awakening

Stimulates fine motor skills and animal learning while having fun.

Family Interactivity

Designed to encourage quality family time, strengthening bonds through play.





Fun Discovery

Fun Discovery

Immerse yourself in a colorful world with the Animosa Puzzles, where each piece invites discovery. Designed to stimulate children's imagination and coordination, these puzzles provide a fun and educational way to explore wildlife. Each puzzle is a work of art made of 3mm wood, easy to handle by little hands and safe with its non-toxic paints.

Eco-responsible quality

Eco-responsible quality

The Animosa Puzzles combine sustainability and respect for the environment. Made from organic wood and painted with vibrant, non-toxic colors, they guarantee hours of safe play. Perfect for young children, these puzzles are designed with soft edges for maximum safety during every play session.


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