Create a bathroom suitable for babies

Create a bathroom suitable for babies

Only a month left until your baby arrives? Now is the time to think about decorating your bedroom. You should also think about arranging the other rooms in your home in order to accommodate it in the best conditions. This is particularly the case for the bathroom. In this room, you will need to install practical and safe equipment. Some changes are therefore necessary.

The bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in the house. It is important because you will spend a lot of time there taking care of your little one. It is therefore essential that it is as reliable as it is functional. Therefore, you will need to adapt this room so that baby is comfortable and safe.

To do this, an adequate arrangement is essential. From installing a changing table to choosing a bathtub or shower, including the installation of storage compartments and various accessories, we give you some practical advice to help you succeed to arrange your bathroom best for your baby.

The changing table: essential equipment to choose carefully

The changing table is an extremely useful piece of furniture for easily washing your baby. The best location to install it is the bathroom. This way, you will be able to bathe your child in the greatest comfort, get them out of the bath, then dry them and put their clothes on. And all this, without having to change rooms to do all this.

If you are short on space in the bathroom, opt for a wall-mounted changing table that you can fold down against the wall once you are no longer using it. Otherwise, you can opt for a collapsible grind. When you no longer need it, simply fold it up. It will then take up less space.

When it is equipped with casters, the changing table is particularly practical, because you can move it to other rooms in your home without difficulty. The model that contains storage is just as much. You will also find changing tables that incorporate a bathtub. Here is an excellent alternative that will allow you to optimize your space.

On the other hand, if your bathroom is spacious, you can choose a chest of drawers with a changing table on the upper part. The chest of drawers will allow you to store your little one's clothing and products. In addition, this furniture, thanks to its design, can easily integrate into the decor of your bathroom.

Finally, don't forget to place the changing table under lighting, so that you can cuddle your baby as comfortably as possible. A little night light above the piece of furniture will do the trick.

What equipment should be included in the bathroom for baby bathing?

Now that the issue of the changing table is settled, you also need to think about bathing your little one. Is it better to bathe him in a bathtub or a shower? Whether you have one or the other, know that you will undoubtedly find a solution suitable for the configuration of your bathroom and the theme that you have established in this room.

If you only have the bathtub in the bathroom, get a bath chair, which is practical for bathing newborns. All you have to do is secure the deckchair to the bottom of your bathtub using suction cups. It will keep the baby in a half-sitting position, with his head above the water. The little angel therefore has no risk of slipping. This will also allow you to have both hands free to wash it with complete peace of mind. And you should know that the deckchair is not bulky. You will not have difficulty finding a small place for it in your bathroom.

If your bathroom is equipped with a shower, you can turn to additional bathtubs intended for young children. Perfectly corresponding to its size, this type of bathtub has a configuration specially designed to ensure maximum safety for the toddler during their bath.

When it comes to baby bath tubs, you have all kinds. Some models are equipped with feet, while others stand on the ground. If you don't have enough space, opt for inflatable and foldable models, which you can store in a corner when you don't need them. The great thing about these models is that you can take them with you if you go on vacation.

Find the right location for storing your little one’s belongings

In order to guarantee your child's safety in the bathroom, it is essential to always stay close to them and constantly keep an eye on them. And this, whether he is on the changing table or in his bath. To contribute to this, you must have everything within reach, to avoid having to go back and forth to get, for example, the bath glove, soap, diapers, wipes or bath towel.

Smart storage for baby’s safety

Storage must be nearby. You can use the compartments on your changing table or create new storage in wasted spaces in the bathroom, for example the walls. You can install several elements to allow you to optimize storage without cluttering the room: wall shelves, vanity unit, hooks, coat hooks, wall cupboards, etc.

Always with the aim of preserving the safety of your little one, do not leave care and toiletry products within their reach, and even less any sharp objects. To protect yourself from any risk, equip the cupboards, drawers and furniture safety devices, so that the child cannot open anything. And store dangerous products up high.

Properly manage diapers and toddler laundry

To simplify your laundry chores, which will necessarily be in larger quantities, you must have a large laundry basket, preferably with two compartments. It would also be best to have a foldable basket or one incorporated into furniture. Whether you opt for one or the other, these two models are discreet.

Having a basket just for the child will help you avoid mixing their things with yours. This way, you can adapt their washing to your sensitive and still vulnerable skin. And ideally, you will place the laundry basket close to the washing machine.

Along with dirty laundry, you should also not forget the trash can. You will even need a special bin for your little one's dirty diapers. Another garbage bin will allow you to store dirty wipes, cotton swabs and other disposable products used for washing your little one. The trash can will be placed next to the changing table.

Some useful accessories to have in the bathroom adapted for babies

In order to accommodate your baby in a place that is absolutely suitable for his development and comfort, and so that parents can enjoy a practical environment, you will have to install a few additional accessories. In addition to lighting, including wall lamp on the changing table and above the sink, other elements will not only make the room more functional, but also more warm and fun.

The bath thermometer: for optimal bath temperature

In order to give your baby a bath at an optimal temperature, the bath thermometer will be your greatest ally. This will then allow you to ensure that the water is neither too cold nor too hot. To do this, check that the temperature is between 36°C and 38°C. Also, to prevent your little one from getting cold after getting out of the bath, make sure that the temperature of the water room is between 22°C and 24°C.

Bath toys: for moments of distraction

For a child, bathing is a time of fundamental hygiene, but also of fun and discovery. For this reason, add some fun toys and games to this room. Favor colorful games to encourage the awakening of the cherub. Additionally, be sure to select toys that can be submerged in water.

The non-slip mat: for maximum protection and safety

The non-slip mat will probably come in handy. This will prevent you and the baby, once he can move around on his own, from slipping in the bathroom. This accessory is placed in the bathtub or shower. It attaches with tiny suction cups. The non-slip bath mat is available in different shapes and colors. It's up to you to choose the model that best matches the decor of your room.

The final word

And there you have it, all you now have to do is start decorating your bathroom and share pleasant moments of relaxation and complicity with your little darling. Finally, here are the essential points to remember before arranging your bathroom, so as to adapt it to your child's needs:

  • Inform you about changing mats or changing tables by referring to the space available in your bathroom;
  • Opt for practical storage furniture, such as a small cabinet or chest of drawers, to store diapers, toys, childcare items and baby toiletries;
  • Select a bath lounger that fits your child's size.