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The different themes for baby room

The different themes for baby room

In a baby's room, the universe and the atmosphere that you create there are of major importance. Because the child will spend most of his time there, it is essential to select the theme of his room with the greatest care. It's like his second home.

To imbue a room with a specific theme, you can use different elements: furniture, decorative objects, carpet, wall, bed linen, toys, curtains, lighting... You can give free rein to your imagination, as long as each element adopted turns to a single theme.

In this article, we offer various theme ideas for a baby's room. You can find inspiration there. Between the theme of the savannah, the sea, the sky, the forest..., you will be spoiled for choice. But before that, let's discover together some parameters to take into consideration for the selection of the ideal theme.

Things to consider when choosing a theme for the baby's room

To choose the right theme for your little one's night room, certain criteria must be considered. Here are a few.

The design style and material of the furniture installed in the bedroom

To know which theme to adopt in your toddler's room, you will have to refer, among other things, to the elements you plan to place there, starting with the furniture. The style of the furniture, as well as their material of manufacture can have a great influence on the theme to be selected.

If for example you have opted for a modern chest of drawers in blue color, this one will be perfect in a theme based on the sea. In addition to the chest of drawers, other pieces of furniture can be placed in the room: wardrobe, desk, chair, armchair, bed and mattress, nightstand. So you won't forget them.

The sex of your little darling: an important criterion

To successfully decorate a baby's room, you must always take their gender into account, especially when choosing the color to apply to the walls, but also when deciding on the style to integrate or the patterns to add.

That doesn't mean you have to stick to the traditional code of pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Several other shades are suitable for a girl and a boy. The sex of your child will rather allow you to decide on the theme of the decoration.

For example, a boy will have a preference for themes centered on small cars, animals or the jungle, while the girl will have a penchant for a theme on dolls, Disney princesses or even flowers.

The dimensions of the child's room

The size of the room is a criterion that you should not neglect when you approach the subject of the decorative theme to choose. If the room is quite narrow, it is recommended that you bet on a theme with sober and light elements. This will prevent you from weighing down the decor and visually making the space even more restricted.

On the other hand, if the room is spacious, do not hesitate to integrate extravagant patterns and large decorations. A life-size painting, for example, would be welcome. The important thing is to harmonize the whole and above all not to make false notes.

The little one's toys and accessories

When you decorate a child's room, you should not omit your baby's accessories either, including toys, stuffed animals and comforters. You will match the theme with the furniture, with the dimensions of the room, but also with the little things of your cherub. In any case, make sure that everything is in harmony. The decor of the room will then be uniform and original.

Child's preferences

If the child is old enough to have their own room and make some decisions, so let him select the theme he prefers. Does he rather like the planets and the cosmos, everything related to cars or the animal world? Ask his opinion, he will give it to you without a doubt. Besides, it's his room in question, why wouldn't he participate in its decoration!

Some theme ideas for your little angel's room

To help you choose the future theme for your little girl's or little boy's room, we have listed some decorative trends for the little ones. You will certainly find the idea that will allow you to create a personalized style in your child's sleeping room.

Theme with jungle vibe

To create a jungle atmosphere in your toddler's room, the preferred colors are green and yellow. Integrate them in a natural way. The brightness of the bedroom should be quite intense, while the furniture will play a key role. Install a bed or changing table made of fine wood. For bed linen, animal patterns will be perfect: zebra stripe, leopard spots... Nature patterns will also do: tree, foliage...

To make a reminder about wildlife, do not forget the stuffed animals. Decorate the walls with elements related to the jungle: elephant wall night light, stickers of jungle animals: lion, tiger, puma… The possibilities are endless. Redouble your imagination, but make sure that all the elements chosen are related to the theme of the jungle.

Theme in the colors of the tropics

The sun, the beach, vacations in the tropics, there is nothing better to relax and recharge your batteries. An exotic atmosphere in your child's room could promote his awakening and make him more dynamic. His room will be a heavenly place where he can escape.

For a tropical bedroom decor, there are many ideas. To provide a little tropical freshness in the room, put an exotic plant on the windowsills or near the access door. Decorate the windows with curtains adorned with patterns of coconut or palm leaves.

For even more originality in this room, add photo frames featuring holiday images, or paintings with flamingos. Soft toys are not left out. Get stuffed animals in the shape of a starfish, parrot, lemurs... Finally, decorate the bed with a cover featuring leaf patterns: monstera, fern...

Bedroom in a Disney cartoon theme

What child doesn't appreciate cartoons, and especially Disney production animations? Imagine a universe featuring his favorite Disney character. Excellent decoration idea, no! What you have to do is recreate the world of his favorite cartoon, thanks to various elements: posters and stickers with the image of the hero he loves, decorative accessories...

For the color on the walls, you just have to comply with the color code corresponding to the cartoon. For example, if your little girl wants a theme focused on Frozen, the dominant colors will be blue and white. For a boy who wants a theme on the movie Cars, red and orange will be highlighted.

Flower-focused theme

Here is an ideal theme for a little girl. A theme based on flowers offers a myriad of possibilities, whether in terms of colors or styles. In reality, with what nature has to offer, the solutions are many. You can choose from a wide variety of flowers.

In order to imbue your child's room with the floral theme, choose a particular flower. Between exotic flowers and field flowers, you have all kinds. It's up to you to see the color you want to have in your little angel's room. Do you like purple? Go for lavender. Are you more of a fan of yellow? The sunflower will lend itself to the decor you are looking for.

A pink bedroom for your little girl? A rosebush, a peony or a sweet pea can be the stars of your theme. For accessories, you can for example add the name of your daughter written with flowers. Here are some other great ideas: a fur rug pink, a light pink canopy, an assortment of pink furniture…

A baby room with the rainbow theme

The rainbow symbolizes beauty and peace. This magnificent natural spectacle amazes adults, but also, and above all, children. You can absolutely make it the star of your baby's room theme. The advantage with the rainbow theme is that you can use different shades at the same time.

You can also use the real rainbow color palette to decorate the room: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. So what can you integrate into this decoration? Here are some examples: a wall painting in the colors of the rainbow, furniture of all colors, a rainbow bed sheet, care bear soft toys...

Baby room theme with sky, clouds…

For this decoration, there is nothing easier. Paint the ceiling as well as the walls with light tones, the predominant white and blue. Add a few decorative objects and elements, such as cloud shaped stickers, combined with a sun or stars and the moon.

For the bed and other furniture, opt for wings and make white dominate. To avoid monotony, add a shade of dark blue, which you will integrate for example with midnight blue pillows. In short, get creative.

As you will have seen, the theme ideas for a baby's room are endless. It's up to you to select the perfect theme for your little one. As mentioned above, if he is old enough to decide, do not hesitate to ask him for his opinion. It might surprise you. Also, apart from the themes mentioned above, you have several others: bohemian, travel, mountain, princess, butterfly, ocean and sea, forest, space...