Which baby carrier to choose from birth?

Which baby carrier to choose from birth?

Practical and affordable solution for carrying baby everywhere, whether at home or outside, the baby carrier is an essential element from the moment your little one is born. Keeping the child snuggled up against you will allow you to build a strong bond between you and your infant. Plus, there's no better place for him to be safe than right next to you.

For a long time, many people thought that it was impossible to use a baby carrier from the moment a child was born. In reality, this accessory is one of the means of carrying that is best suited to toddlers. But then, which model to choose? What are the criteria to take into consideration to make the best choice?

In this article, we invite you to discover the parameters to consider before purchasing a baby carrier, as well as the different models available, to be used from the first weeks of a child's life. There are in fact various carrying systems, suitable for the baby's anatomy. So let’s take a quick overview.

Some points to consider when purchasing a baby carrier

The baby carrier is a carrying device suitable for an infant. Thanks to its design, it fully conforms to the physiology of the wearer, but also that of the baby. At the same time, it guarantees maximum support for its backbone.

There are many reasons to choose a baby carrier. In particular, it offers the toddler a feeling of security, being comfortably held against his mother or father. It also makes it easier to move around with the child, since its wearer holds the cherub against him, while having his hands free from any movement. So consider including it in your birth list, so you don't forget to get some.

To date, there are several types of models offering a perfect combination of an accessory that is easy to handle and conforms to each person's body shape. The important thing is to know how to choose the ideal model. In any case, if you want to purchase a baby carrier that can be used from baby's first months, here are some points not to be overlooked.

Select a flexible apron of the right size

Opt for a rather small apron, which reaches the nape of the infant's neck. This will allow his face to be clear. The size of the accessory must also allow good clearance for the little one's knees, without spreading too much at the level of their legs.

Also, to enjoy the baby carrier for as long as possible, which you can use as your little darling grows, choose a model on which you can adjust the apron in height and width.

On the other hand, choose models made from scarf fabric. These will be very flexible and will fit perfectly to your child's back. In addition, it will provide better support for the little one, who will benefit from optimal comfort.

Carefully check the attachment of the baby carrier straps

When purchasing a baby carrier, be sure to check each component of it. The method of attaching the straps should be examined closely. The ideal is to opt for suspenders that attach to the belt. This helps the baby to roll up and prevents his back from being subjected to any pressure. At the same time, this frees the user's stomach. Which guarantees good protection of the perineum.

Some models have straps with attachment to the apron. This is also the most common version of the baby carrier. This is most often evolving. As your toddler grows, you can loosen the fastening so that it adapts to the child's size each time. In short, checking that the straps are secure is a significant step.

Some final tips before purchasing

Like any other accessory intended for a baby, whether clothing, children's armchair, furniture or any other product, you should not take any decision lightly. To choose the model that best suits your child, here are some tips. First, the choice will depend on the size of your little angel. So base yourself on his morphology and his body in general. If necessary, carry out a test before purchasing.

Make sure that your little one can breathe properly in the baby carrier and that their airways are not too restricted. His back must be very well supported. This will prevent it from sliding inside the accessory. Otherwise, there is a risk of straining or injury. Finally, find out the price of current models.

Baby carriers to use from an infant’s first months

Some models of baby carriers can be used from the baby's very first weeks. Among these, we can, among others, cite the preformed model, the ring-sling, the extensible carrying sling, the woven sling as well as the Meï-Taï.

The ring sling: a knot-free, easy-to-use baby carrier

The ring sling has the appearance of a small scarf with a length of almost two meters. Sewn on two rings, the scarf takes the shape of a pocket, in which the baby snuggles up. To adjust the height of the little one, simply tighten or loosen the fabric by sliding it between the two rings. Space-saving, you can easily store it in your bag or in a drawer. toy storage cabinet of your toddler. This way you can keep it with you every day.

Whether knitted or woven, the ring sling is perfect for carrying a newborn. Easy to handle, thanks to its rings, it allows you to breastfeed your baby discreetly. Available in several models depending on the budget you have, this carrying device is asymmetrical. This means you have to carry it on one shoulder only. So, if you plan to walk a long distance, consider another means of carrying.

The preformed model: ideal for parents of their first child

Here is another type of baby carrier that is easy to use. To secure it, it is equipped with clips, like with a backpack. You don't need to tie it. If this is the very first time you are using a baby carrier, this model will absolutely suit you. The preformed comes in two versions: namely the standard with reducer and the special newborn.

The preformed newborn baby carrier consists of straps to attach to the belt. Made from scarf fabric, it offers a rather comfortable seat for the little one. As for the other model, it incorporates a seat reducer, which you can adjust from approximately 15 to 35 cm, in order to be able to carry a newborn as well as an older child.

What you need to know about the stretchy baby sling

The stretchy baby sling is specially designed for newborns, as it fits the baby's shape perfectly. It also has the advantage of being able to be tied before being worn. If you're not good at tying knots, this pattern will make it easier.

Several brands specializing in childcare items offer this baby carrying model. It constitutes one of the most popular alternatives, given the comfort it provides. It is easy to use and you can use it from the birth of your baby in complete safety.

What about the woven baby sling?

The woven baby sling, in broken or crossed twill, provides maximum support for the child placed there. You can use it from the baby's first weeks. Most of the time, it is made of cotton. Which means that it is easy to maintain. In addition, its resistance will surely satisfy you.

The woven scarf has a large number of advantages. Indeed, its excellent support makes it an ideal carrying solution from the birth of a newborn. In addition to its robustness, it perfectly follows the curves of the body of the wearer and that of the baby.

Furthermore, the position that baby adopts in the sling contributes to his good development. And that's not all, because thanks to its adaptability, the woven model offers a most comfortable position to the wearer and to the person being carried.

The Meï-Taï: a classic, but functional baby carrier

Also called Chinese baby carrier, the meï-taï is a combination of the baby sling and the preformed baby carrier. It includes a square of fabric which constitutes the seat and 4 strips of fabric which form the belt and the straps, allowing the baby carrier to be tied. Designed in a fabric similar to that used for the woven baby sling, this model guarantees optimal support and excellent comfort for the baby's pelvis and back.

The meï-taï has multiple strong points, because it combines the advantages of the baby sling and those of the baby carrier in a single product:

  • Greater precision when adjusting, thanks to the four fabric strips;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Very good support for the child's back thanks to the fabric;
  • A physiological accessory, suitable for all body types;
  • An ergonomic position to ensure comfortable wearing for the wearer and the person being carried.

The design of the majority of baby carriers allows them to be used as soon as the baby is born. This is because the seat is adjustable and helps to best protect the newborn's back. The best part is that you can use it until your little one is three years old.

In conclusion

To carry your newborn comfortably, there is nothing better than a baby sling. This baby carrier is ideal, especially for your little one's still fragile back. However, it depends on your preferences and budget.

In any case, the baby carrier will make it much easier for you to travel with your toddler. If you wish, you can personalize your baby carrier, by adding your child's embroidered first name, stickers or designs of your choice.