Baby room decoration: choose an original “animal” theme

Baby room decoration: choose an original “animal” theme

For a baby, the bedroom is the place where he will spend most of his time, especially during the first years of his life. For this reason, as parents, you must ensure that he is comfortable there. Do not neglect the decoration. The bedroom should not only be a friendly space, but you will also have to integrate a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Are you looking for an unusual decorating idea? How about introducing an “animal” theme to your little one’s room? A theme focused on animals offers different decoration solutions. Between forest animals, jungle animals, underwater fauna and even fantastic animals, you are spoiled for choice.

To help you create a unique atmosphere in your little angel's room and add a beautiful decoration focused on animals, here are some practical tips and advice. We also offer you clever ideas and a list of accessories to decorate the room in the most original way possible. Let's go !

Tips on Which Accessories to Choose for an Animal Theme

To successfully decorate your baby's room, selecting a theme will greatly simplify your task. There are different themes for baby's room . Here, we decided to focus on the animal world. Adding certain elements and accessories will allow you to perfect the decor of the room. Find out which ones.

Soft toys: essential for decoration with animals

If you have decided to adopt animals as a theme in your little darling's bedroom, installing soft toys is a must. Much loved by little ones, they offer a cozy feel to the sleeping area and soften the atmosphere. Soft toys, comforters and teddy bears come in various forms. You will surely find models that will harmonize with the theme of the decoration.

As we told you, soft toys are available in different formats, colors and materials. No matter the theme, you will find what you are looking for and that of your little one. Don't hesitate to get several models, ranging from XXL formats that you can place on the floor to small models, which will have their place in the baby's bed. You will match them with your child's bedding set.

There are also soft toys attached to musical mobiles. They will enhance the decor of the little one's crib and bring an additional decorative touch to the bedroom. At the same time, mobiles help baby fall asleep more easily. Some soft toys act as night lights. In short, there is something for everyone and for many uses.

Drawings and photos of animals, as frames and wall pictures

To reinforce the animal theme in a baby's room, adding animal paintings is an excellent idea. A photo of a panda framed in a pretty frame, or that of a lion cub, here are frames which will decorate the walls of the baby's room and will highlight the desired theme, in this case the world of animals. You will place the framed photos above a dresser or why not the little one's cradle. This will allow you to personalize your small sleeping area.

When your child is old enough to draw, you can take their drawings as well as their paintings, especially those that feature animals. You will then display them on the wall. Place them in frames, and you will see that these photos will be true works of art. You will not be disappointed with the result. If you like to craft, you can make photo frames yourself. You can do it using pieces of wood, string, shells, etc., do whatever you want.

Animal-shaped stickers: a sure bet for a successful “animal” decoration

To create a decoration on animals in a child's room, the presence of stickers is essential. You can find a wide range of stickers on the market that relate to the animal theme. Easy to install and above all very aesthetic, they will brighten up the walls of your cherub's room, but also the doors, windows or even the furniture.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for jungle animals. You will therefore have stickers in the shape of lions , giraffes or elephants. You can also bet on pets, such as cats or dogs. You have other options, to name only fantastic animals like the dragon or the unicorn. Don't forget the animals of the forest: the hare, the squirrel, the wolf, the deer..., as well as the animals of the farm: the chicken, the pig, the cow... The alternatives are varied and will help you design a perfect universe for your baby.

You are free to choose the location of the stickers, as long as everything forms a harmonious whole. For example, you will place some above the toddler's bed, on the wall near the front door... Use your sense of imagination.

Wallpaper with animals: a wise idea to adopt the animal theme

One of the simplest ways to integrate animal decor into a baby's room is to stick animal wallpaper on the walls. This way, you will be sure to be on topic. Whether on the web or in decoration stores, the models are numerous and varied, you will find something for all tastes and styles.

For infants, tapestries decorated with imaginary animals like unicorns will do the trick. You can also choose other animals and there is no shortage of options: parrot, giraffe, monkey, crocodile, rabbit… The main thing is to opt for wallpaper in the same tone as the rest of the decor. bedroom. Good visual harmony will make the bedroom even more beautiful.

The only rule to follow is not to paper all the walls, because the decor risks being overloaded. To ventilate the room, only add wallpaper to one section of the wall. You can paint the other walls white or in light tones, in accordance with the color of the wallpaper and the decoration of the room.

Different animal theme options possible

There are many ideas for theming a baby's room by opting for decoration with animals. Domestic animals, forest animals, savannah animals..., it's up to you to select the ideal decor for your toddler's room. The few tips that follow will help you get through it better.

Jungle animals: a unanimous choice

Lately, the “jungle animals” theme has been attracting more and more parents. To design it, there is nothing easier. Decorate the walls with stickers in the shape of a wild landscape, with jungle animals: tiger, lion, gorilla, hippopotamus, toucan, panther, elephant…

To refine the decor, add a few soft toys, still in the jungle theme, as well as a small armchair, preferably in rattan. A large rug in the colors of the savannah vegetation will also be welcome. These elements will integrate the “nature” side of the jungle theme. Finally, in terms of colors, go for yellow, green, orange, in short, opt for shimmering shades.

Forest animals: a theme for being close to nature

To get inspiration for creating a decoration based on forest animals, explore the environment around you. This theme will definitely amaze your little one. You will create a cozy cocoon for him and at the same time, he will be able to enjoy a unique natural atmosphere.

To complete the decor, install trophies on the shelves in the room. You can also add plastic or paper animal heads. The effect will be breathtaking. To better highlight each element of the room, choose a sober and soft paint for the walls, such as sage green or anise green, which you will combine with white or gray.

Underwater animals: an original theme for a baby's room

Do you want to personalize the decor of your child's room with an original theme? That of aquatic animals will do the trick perfectly. This theme is perfect for a little one’s sleeping area. You can adopt it on furniture as well as on wall decoration.

For a successful marine decor, think about various accessories, such as a plastic aquarium with toys in the shape of fish and other aquatic creatures. Buy a small wall night light which would be in the shape of a dolphin, for example, or a large soft toy in the shape of a whale. Here, you will mainly focus on shades of light blue: aquamarine blue, azure mist, frosty blue...

Fantastic Beasts: for a decor that leaves you dreaming

You probably already know that toddlers are undisputed dreamers. The imaginary world is an area that they know well. In this case, turn to a decoration highlighting fantastic animals, such as unicorns, dragons and why not beasts from the Harry Potter film, the animated Hotel Transylvania or Monsters and Company, or even the Pokémon manga .

In this context, several possibilities are available to you both in terms of furniture and accessories. Install a beautiful rainbow-colored rug at the foot of your baby's bed. Add stuffed animals with imaginary animal features. Finally, for furniture, choose for example a cozy little armchair to leave your baby even more dreamy than he already is.

You now know how to establish the “animal” theme in your baby’s room. Use your sense of creativity and you will be able to design an original and personalized decor. A few carefully selected accessories and furniture, with appropriate colors, and you will succeed in establishing a very beautiful atmosphere in your little angel's room.