Wallpapers for a child's room

Wallpapers for a child's room

Are you waiting for a happy event ? What excellent news! And of course, the preparations before the arrival of a baby are numerous. The layout of the room and its decoration should not be neglected. And if for the walls you opt for a coating that is out of the ordinary? After the trend of walls in different colors, wallpaper is regaining popularity in interiors, and even in children's rooms.

And in terms of wallpaper for the room intended for the little one, the brands are doubling their inventiveness to offer even more original models and designs. It can be difficult to select the ideal type of wallpaper for a child's room. To help you find the style that best matches the decor of the room, discover below some practical advice and ideas for patterns and colors to adopt.

Suggestions for wallpapers according to the gender of your little one

To make it easier for you, we have sorted the types of wallpaper for children's rooms according to the gender of the child. Little girls and little boys do not always have the same tastes. Those of girls are generally oriented towards soft patterns, while boys have a preference for patterns of animals, space robots, cars... So here are some recommendations for a girl's bedroom decor and a little boy.

Wallpaper ideas for a little girl's room

If you have a little girl, you are advised to choose soft patterns that will give a cozy side to the room. In this context, you can get non-woven wallpaper with simple and soft graphics. If we usually favor pink as the main shade in a girl's room, know that you pastel blue, with floral or plant motifs is an excellent alternative.

There are many prints that little girls love, to name only flowers, hearts, stars... Available in several varieties, these patterns can have a graphic, realistic or rather drawing style appearance. You have several others, such as geometric patterns, but in soft colors, like pastel pink. In short, you are spoiled for choice.

As for shades, you will agree that pastel shades as well as powder pink are still and always in trend. What is even trendier would be to combine a soft main tone with a shade of white. And to reinforce the girly atmosphere, there is nothing like a few little touches of gold.

What about wallpaper for a room dedicated to a little boy?

When it comes to choosing wallpaper in a boy's room, you have quite a few. For babies, just like young boys, a coating with patterns of comets, animals or planets is ideal. You can combine the patterns of the wallpaper with a wall night light. Conducive to daydreaming, these types of prints will brilliantly decorate the children's room while creating an environment capable of stimulating them.

Another alternative is to opt for wallpaper depicting the middle of the jungle. You then highlight colors such as green symbolizing the forest as well as tropical animals. Otherwise, you can bet on a theme with a magical forest as the main decor. This will allow you to offer a peaceful environment to your child and at the same time promote his awakening.

Very trendy lately, flashy tones with so-called "shifted" patterns also adapt to a boy's bedroom. Otherwise, a wallpaper focused on a specific theme will also do the trick. Navy blue wallpaper with fish patterns, a model with a gray background decorated with stars and planets, all this will help you create an original and personalized decor in your cherub's room.

Harmonize the wallpaper with the rest of the decorative elements

Before fixing your choice on this or that wallpaper, do not forget to think about the overall decor of the bedroom. The decoration is a phase that you should not neglect, because it largely conditions the well-being of your toddler. To harmonize the decor, you can, for example, match the wallpaper with the curtains, the bed linen or the rug. This is quite doable, as the wallpaper is available in several colors and themes.

In order to refine the atmosphere of the room, you can apply your wallpaper to a section of the wall and stick stickers on the other walls without wallpaper. Of the cloud shaped stickers, stars or butterfly will be perfect. With these small decorative elements, you will foster your little darling's sense of imagination. Finally, you will install the child's toys and stuffed animals in a corner of his room.

The advantages of having wallpaper on the walls of the child's room

A beautiful coating on the walls can radically improve the decoration in a bedroom. Here in this case, we suggest you turn to wallpaper to decorate the walls of your baby's room. This trend is currently very popular.

In a baby's sleeping room, the atmosphere must be peaceful, friendly and pleasant. The brightness must be sufficient to allow the little one to benefit from optimal comfort. A good lighting is therefore fundamental. Thus, its environment must be conducive to its growth and proper development.

For all these reasons, you should not take the choice of wall covering lightly. So dress the walls of this room with various decorations, able to bring personality and more style to your child's space. And what could be better than judiciously chosen wallpaper to magnify the walls!

There are several kinds of wallpaper to install in a child's room, depending on their age and the theme you want to establish. The advantages of this coating are many.

Wallpaper: suitable for any type of decor

With the wallpaper, there is no need to worry about the arrangement of the furniture or the configurations of the walls of the little one's room. And for good reason, the wallpaper can match it. Whether you have placed large pieces of furniture there, whether the walls are narrow or the room is small, by betting on the right wallpaper, you will enhance the decor of the cherub's room.

Wallpaper: children love it!

When designing a child's room, it can be difficult to select elements and accessories that children like. With wallpaper, you won't have this problem. A child appreciates everything that is paper, including if it is a coating for the walls. And he'll love it all the more if you opt for colorful wallpaper, with a hint of fantasy and patterns.

Imagine a wall with wallpaper enhanced with patterns of animals, robots, dolls or treats. Your toddler will surely fall under the spell! To avoid overloading the decor, you can put the wallpaper on two sections of the walls and leave the other walls painted. For example, you will put some on the side of the child's headboard.

An interior with an original decoration thanks to the wallpaper

No matter what type of wallpaper you put on the walls, it will allow you to personalize the decor. Moreover, you can create the perspectives of your choice. Let your imagination run free to design your own style.

Thus, the wallpaper lends itself to all fantasies. You can put some above the baby's bedding as a headboard, around a window... You will see that the effect will be unique! Even better, some wallpaper designs can contribute to better soundproofing of the room. You will therefore not disturb your little darling when he takes his little nap.

An easy to apply coating

Another big advantage of wallpaper is that its installation is more than easy. Even without much knowledge in the field, you can perfectly carry out the installation of this wall covering yourself. Just be careful that the application of the wallpapers is even and uniform.

Combinations of colors and patterns at will

If you are planning to incorporate a specific theme into your child's room, you will definitely appreciate the wallpaper. With this coating, you will have no trouble finding a model in harmony with the desired theme. Flower patterns, polka dots, horizontal or vertical stripes, it's up to you to see which style suits the room best. If you want, you can even combine these patterns to create a special atmosphere for your child.

Some recommendations for how and where to apply wallpaper

To put the paper in your child's bedroom, several solutions are available to you. First of all, you have the possibility of applying the wallpaper only to one wall, but in its entirety. The best would be to choose the wall behind the doll's headboard. Another option, you can partially wallpaper the wall. This will allow you, for example, to design an original headboard.

If the child's room has a rather high ceiling height, wallpaper only the lower part of the wall, up to 1 m in height. This will allow you to compose a kind of base. The atmosphere will be more cocooning. In addition, you can add decoration to the wall without wallpaper. A wall composition will be welcome!

To perfect the atmosphere with a decorative note, go for the strip format. In particular, you can apply two strips of wallpaper in symmetry, behind bedside tables or on each side of a bed. This will help you add a frame around the bedding.

Are you tempted by an immersive decoration? In order to obtain a unique result that will immerse you in a " life-size " space, opt for panoramic wallpaper! To give a theatrical character to the room, there is probably no better than this type of wallpaper.

In any case, if you have decided to put wallpaper in your little one's room, know that the possibilities are multiple. When choosing wallpaper, beware of models covered with a PVC layer. Prefer adhesive wallpaper, made of recycled paper or natural fibres. In addition, bet on a washable or washable coating, which is water resistant.