The different types of baby lamps

The different types of baby lamps

Good lighting in a toddler's room is fundamental. It is indeed essential to have at least one source of light in this room, in order to reassure the baby during his sleep, or when he remains alone in his room. In addition, this will make it easier for him to recognize his environment and get used to it.

And in addition to illuminating the room, lighting is a first-rate decorative element in the bedroom. It creates a special atmosphere. There are several models of lamps to install in the room dedicated to the toddler. By selecting the right lamp, it will match the decor of the room. You should therefore not neglect the choice of the lamp that you will have in your little one's room.

To help you choose the ideal lighting for your baby's room, discover in this article the main types of lamps to have in this room. You will also be given some advice on the installation and selection of lighting.

What type of lamp for a child's room?

You can find on the market a wide range of lamps to put in the room of your cherub. It is up to you to carefully choose the lighting that will suit you best. The installation of several light sources can also be more judicious.

The pendant lamp or the ceiling lamp: the central lighting

The children's suspension or the ceiling light most often serves as the main light in the children's room. As a rule, it is suspended in the center of the ceiling and allows for uniform lighting throughout the room. Usually diffusing a rather intense light, the suspension can however be equipped with a dimmer. This allows you to adjust the brightness according to the needs of the little one, as well as yours.

The ceiling lamp is a luminaire to be suspended from the ceiling. Saving space, it is especially recommended if the child's room is narrow. If it provides overall brightness, it may however require additional task lighting, if you need a light source for a specific corner of the room.

As for the decorative aspect, you can bet on a model of designer suspension or playful ceiling light, since it is a children's light to be installed in the baby's room. How about a model with a whimsical shape or one that projects images onto the ceiling and walls? You can also turn to a childish chandelier decorated with patterns.

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The night light: an essential light source

The night light is an essential type of lighting in a child's room. In principle, an infant is not afraid of the dark. Still, a night light is useful when you enter the room to make sure your toddler is fine or to change him when his diaper is wet.

While offering a decorative note, the night light will therefore help you to comfort your little angel. At the same time, it will allow you to create a soothing atmosphere. When the child is two or three years old, the night light will be used to accompany him at night when sleeping.

There are several different kinds of nightlights. Some models are musical and emit specific sounds, such as the sound of nature, conducive to sleep, or lullabies. Other nightlights can be programmed to turn off at a pre-set time. You will also find some that activate when baby cries.

Each night light can have a simple or sophisticated, or even playful shape, like a cloud shaped night light, small animals, stars or moon. This will certainly arouse the curiosity of your child, and will promote his awakening. If you prefer, you can also opt for night lights with projections of fluorescent patterns on the ceiling or on the walls. Finally, some grinds are fixed while others are mobile. They can work either with an electrical outlet or with batteries.

But regardless of the model you have purchased, make sure that the light emitted by the night light is not too intense. Prefer models offering a dim lighting mode. This is best suited for an infant's eyesight.

String Lights: Great Option for a Child's Room

The light garland is very decorative, even if it does not transmit bright light. However, it can provide dim lighting to calm the baby. Thanks to its brightness, the bedroom will be able to soak up a warm and pleasant atmosphere for the child.

The models are varied, both in terms of size and shape. You can indeed get garlands with geometric shapes, or more playful ones: heart, star, moon... You simply should not leave this type of lighting within reach of your little one.

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The floor lamp: a very practical floor lamp

Placed on the floor or mounted on a long rod with a pedestal, the floor lamp emits light guaranteeing optimal lighting in the child's room. Knowing that you will install it in the room devoted to your infant, it is recommended that you choose a low intensity bulb, so that the light remains soft and light.

The main advantage with the floor lamp is that you can easily change its place, from one corner of the room to another. This is not the case, for example, with a wall lamp placed on a wall. Do not forget to make sure that the floor lamp is stable. Do not leave it within reach of your toddler, lest he fall on the latter and hurt himself.

The bedside lamp, the table lamp or the desk lamp

When you get to the time when you have to tell stories to your child, at bedtime ritual, the bedside lamp will be of great use to you. It will indeed be essential when the little one is old enough to listen to stories and understand. With its low power light, it will allow you to comfortably read a storybook to your little darling, while creating an atmosphere conducive to falling asleep.

But if you received a bedside lamp as a gift for the birth of your baby, nothing prevents you from finding a place for it near the baby's bedding. Moreover, this type of lamp has a very decorative side, which will enhance the decor of the little one's room. It will allow you to elegantly dress the bedside table.

To recap, the bedside lamp will allow the child to read or listen to you read. However, you must ensure that the light is moderate so as not to damage his eyesight, and bright enough for him to read.

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Wall lights: for more powerful lighting

When the child grows up, he will begin to discover the world around him and to play. It will then need more intense light. Aside from the ceiling or suspension, you can turn to wall sconces, which you will place in a specific corner of the room: on each side of the cradle or chest of drawers, above the bed, near its trunk. toys…

Sconces will allow you to light up the whole room, without wasting floor space. In addition, it will reassure you about the safety of your little angel. And of course, you will not neglect the decorative point of view. Wall lights come in all shapes and colors. Whether you select sconces in the shape of balloons, fish or hearts, just make sure that the whole is harmonious.

The lampshade: practical and decorative lighting

The lampshade makes it possible to embellish a simple bulb and make it more decorative. At the same time, it guarantees a soft and general lighting. Many models are offered and are distinguished by their design materials. The most common are paper and plastic lampshades.

If you want fantasy, find a lampshade that projects shapes on the wall. The designs to adopt are multiple. It's up to you to see which model can be combined with the decor of your cherub's room.

Bright accessories for the baby's room

In addition to all the lighting mentioned above, to imbue the baby's room with light, while giving it an original decorative style, you can add some light accessories to certain locations in the room. You will not only add a few additional decorative touches, but in addition, it will help your toddler to feel safe, and this, in a pleasant and playful setting.

Among the accessories, you can opt for the luminous plush, which serves as lighting, but also as a toy for the child. On the walls, you can stick fluorescent stickers that light up when it's dark. With the accessories, you will create a personalized decoration in the little one's room.

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Some recommendations for optimally lighting the baby room

Before adopting this or that light in the child's room, first take the time to think about it. If the role of lighting is primarily utilitarian, you must keep in mind that if you make the right choice, the lamps thus selected can also soothe and reassure your baby. Better yet, they can refine the decor of the room and promote the awakening of the baby. For all these reasons, the tips below will be of great help to you.

First recommendation to follow: bet on soft and light lighting

First of all, make sure that the light sources in your child's room are not too bright, as they may damage his eyes. Lights that are too white and halogen lamps are not recommended. Instead, favor bulbs with low intensity light, which transmit a progressive, soft and warm light, to create a comforting and subdued atmosphere for the little angel.

Add as many light sources as possible, without overdoing it

A very practical trick is to multiply the lights in the room, and choose only low intensity lights, instead of having one or two with too powerful light. This will allow you once again to create a reassuring and reassuring atmosphere for your child. In addition, it will help you to change the intensity of the lighting according to your needs and those of the child.

Do not neglect the decorative aspect of the lights

And of course, the decorative side is to be taken into consideration, as well as the practical and utilitarian aspect. Undeniable decorative accessories, the lights allow you to brighten up the baby's room and give it a personal touch.

Whether you're installing a chandelier, a night light, garlands, a floor lamp or a bedside lamp in your cherub's room, find the most decorative lamps in order to complete the decor in the room dedicated to the small end. Finally, think about your child's safety. Above all, arrange the lamps so that baby does not have access to them.