What is the ideal temperature for a baby's room?

What is the ideal temperature for a baby's room?

Getting a restful sleep and enjoying a good night's sleep is essential for a baby. To help him sleep well, you need to organize his room properly. The temperature must be optimal there. With too low a temperature, the infant can quickly catch cold. With a room that is too hot, it will not be beneficial to him and you will have it for your purse. You have to find the middle ground. But then, what is the ideal temperature for a baby's room? To help you set the right temperature, here are some practical tips.

The optimal temperature to set in a baby's room

In the bedroom of an adult person, the room temperature should vary from 16 to 20°C. Between these temperatures, comfort is favored, while sleep is healthier and more restful. If you respect this interval, you will sleep in excellent conditions. This will also allow you to relax after a tiring day.

However, for an infant, it is something else entirely. Indeed, the needs of a grown-up's body and those of a baby's body are distinct. For a newborn, the ideal temperature is between 18 and 21°C. It would not be favorable to its development to have a higher or lower temperature. This can have a negative impact on his sleep.

Nursery room: 19°C, the optimum temperature

According to the Ministry of Health, the recommended temperature in a baby's room should be between 18 and 20°C. The ideal would be to enjoy an ambient temperature of 19°C. And for good reason, it turns out to be easier to warm up your little one than to cool it down. To do this, you can, for example, cover him up by dressing him in warm pajamas and a long-sleeved top, and snuggle him up in a sleeping bag.

If it is too hot or too cold in his room, he may have trouble falling asleep, so he will fidget and cry at night. In addition, high heat can cause dehydration and hyperthermia.

Moreover, 19 ° C is a temperature also recommended for an adult. Even if the adult body would be able to regulate itself, at this temperature, we can have a very good sleep. And since a baby's body can't yet self-regulate its temperature, parents need to help keep its body temperature stable.

Properly controlling the temperature in the newborn's room: the essential points

To optimize the temperature in your toddler's room, certain elements must be taken into consideration, to name only the lighting of the room, its layout or its humidity level.

Good lighting in the baby's room

In your cherub's sleeping room, the lighting can have an impact on the ambient temperature. Along with this, light plays an important role in the awakening of the little one. In reality, it is the first element that the eyes of the child will be able to discern, even before the shapes and colors. Lighting contributes to the development of the baby during the first months of its life.

For this reason, the choice of lights to install in the baby's room should not be taken lightly. Whether you opt for a night light, a bedside lamp, a pendant light or a wall light, bet on soft lighting with a warm color temperature. It must be reassuring, and above all secure.

In this regard, the Babynotte wall lamp is perfectly suitable, since it has been specially designed for installation in an infant's bedroom. In addition to its design, this lamp diffuses a soft and pleasant light for a child. It will not have a bad effect on the temperature of the room.

A healthy atmosphere in the room dedicated to the little one

To promote baby's comfort during his sleep and whenever he is in his room, air quality and temperature should not be neglected. If there is a high level of humidity in the room, the environment will be conducive to the appearance of mold and bacteria. Not to mention the bad smells that could spread. This could lead to allergies and asthma in the little one. To remedy this, you can, for example, install an air dehumidifier.

If, on the other hand, the air is too dry, this could cause respiratory problems and irritation of the nasal mucous membranes. It was then that his skin weakened and quickly became dry. In this case, you will use an air humidifier. In short, in addition to a good temperature, make sure that your baby's room has good humidity and excellent air quality. If all these conditions are met, baby will sleep comfortably in his room.

The moisture content should fluctuate between 30 and 55%, 50% being the ideal content. The newborn will enjoy a healthy environment. Small note: whatever the temperature of the room, do not forget to ventilate the room well.

A good layout of the toddler's room

Another significant point: to prevent the room from being either too overheated or too cool, consider optimizing the layout of the room. In this context, certain parameters must be considered. First, move the baby's bedding away from any heat source, such as a fireplace or radiator. Also, do not place the bed near a window, as the drafts may make it sick.

Do you tend to use a fan when the ambient temperature in the little one's room rises in the summer or because of a heat wave? This will certainly allow you to refresh the room. However, do not point the fan directly at your child, as they may catch a cold. Already if the little one is predisposed to any allergy whatsoever, do not use a fan.

Practical advice on room temperature and baby comfort

As you will have understood, a temperature that is neither too low nor too high is essential in a room intended for an infant. For the temperature to be at its optimum level, and for your child to enjoy excellent comfort in this room, here are some recommendations.

A good temperature in all rooms of the house

Because baby will not always stay in his room, it will be necessary to think about maintaining a good temperature in each room of the house, in particular in the living rooms. Also consider how comfortable it is when you take it outside for walks. You probably already know that if it's too hot, in the rainy season or during the winter season, don't go out with the little one.

Baby is cold when he sleeps: how do you know?

If you are concerned that your little darling is cold during his sleep, check his temperature. To do this, place your finger at the level of his chest. If you feel his skin is cold, that means you haven't covered him enough.

If it is too hot, you will notice it very quickly. He will start sweating and panting. He will additionally have pimple breakouts, while his hair may become damp. When he gets too hot, he might even have a fever and become agitated. If these signs appear, you will now know that baby is hot.

How to avoid excessively high temperatures in the child's room?

It is better to have a cooler room rather than one that is too hot. This, because if it is cold, you can always cover your child. In case of strong heat, provide yourself with a ventilation device.

To prevent it from getting too hot in the bedroom, good insulation is essential. In addition, in summer, make sure that the temperature is below 27°C. Several options will help you, such as using a not too powerful fan. At night while the child is sleeping, you can keep the windows open to let air into the room.

Some measures to adopt to promote infant sleep

Finally, here are some steps to take to help baby sleep comfortably, while enjoying the ideal temperature in his bedroom. First of all, always make sure that your cherub is comfortable in his bed. You don't need to dress him in multiple layers of clothes. All he needs is an undershirt or a bodysuit.

On the other hand, you are advised to get a temperature detector or a thermometer. This accessory will warn you if the room temperature is below or above the optimum temperature.

In short, for baby to sleep in the greatest comfort, the temperature of his room is a criterion of major importance. For this reason, it is in your best interest to comply with the instructions provided by the Ministry of Health regarding the ideal temperature. Don't forget the signs that will let you know if your toddler is too cold or too hot.