The essentials and essentials for the arrival of the baby

The essentials and essentials for the arrival of the baby

Are you expecting a happy event soon? Congratulations ! Like any self-respecting future parent, you are unaware that the arrival of a new member in the family is not easy. Dad and mom must indeed prepare for the arrival of the little one, both emotionally and psychologically, as well as with regard to material needs. A good organization is therefore essential!

First of all, you must ensure that your home is perfectly equipped to accommodate a newborn. In addition to the necessary arrangements for welcoming your baby, you must obtain various articles, equipment, products and accessories, so that the child is born and lives the first days and months of his life in the greatest comfort.

Above all, do not make the mistake of making your birth purchases at the last moment. You must operate a few months in advance. From the baby's bedroom to the bathroom, including the kitchen, the list of essentials is quite long. To make sure you don't forget anything, we've compiled a list of must-haves to buy before your baby is born. Good reading !

Newborn wardrobe essentials

One of the main things to do before your baby comes into the world is to compose a dressing room for him, in which he will have all the clothes and accessories he needs. As a general rule, you should dress your child in one more layer of clothing than you, unless it is hot. In this case, lighten his clothes.

To give you an overview, here are the essential clothes and clothing accessories for a baby:

  • Towels to swaddle baby, after his toilet or to pamper him.
  • Bodysuits or swimsuits: practical clothes, they close between the legs with press studs, simplifying access to the baby's diaper when you need to change it.
  • Tights to keep your toddler's little legs warm.
  • Slippers and socks, instead of shoes during the first months.
  • Small t-shirts to wear with tights.
  • Sweaters to keep the little darling warm in the cold season.
  • Onesies and sleeping bags, to put baby to sleep more easily in your arms.
  • Beanies to protect your head in cool weather and brim hats in hot weather.
  • Mittens and gloves to warm little hands in winter.
  • Specific clothing for special occasions: parties, outings...

Things to have in a baby's room

To successfully design your little one's bedroom , you must add accessories, equipment and furniture. This will contribute to the comfort of the little one. Here are the most important:

  • A crib or bed . Some models are modular. This means that the bed can be transformed and adapted to the size of the child as he grows. Along with the bed you must of course have a mattress, preferably a rigid one.
  • Bed linen: sheets and waterproof protection for the mattress. That'll do.
  • Storage compartments for baby's clothes: chest of drawers, wardrobe... If you have a changing table with shelves or drawers, that will be more than enough.
  • A night light . Apart from the main light source, the baby night light will be useful when you have to go to the baby's room in the middle of the night, for example to breastfeed him.
  • An armchair or a rocking chair, to breastfeed baby or rock it.
  • An air humidifier to promote the well-being of the cherub.

Essential accessories for breastfeeding and feeding baby in the best conditions

As soon as the newborn comes into the world, it must be fed, whether breast or bottle. For this ritual to take place in optimal conditions, here are the accessories you absolutely must have at home:

  • A nursing pillow to maximize the child's comfort during breastfeeding.
  • Bibs to avoid drooling or milk stains on the baby's clothes.
  • Baby bottles with their teats. You will need it whether you are breastfeeding your baby or giving him formula.
  • A breast pump, if you need to go back to work and need to express milk to give the baby.
  • Powdered milk. For its purchase, seek the advice of a health professional.
  • A bottle warmer and a bottle sterilizer, to properly clean bottles and teats.

Some useful products and articles to take good care of the little one

It can sometimes happen that the little one does not feel well. To anticipate this type of situation and to be ready, you will need certain items and products to provide your baby with some care. So you will have to get:

  • A first aid kit including a thermometer, plasters, antibiotic ointment, petroleum jelly, tweezers.
  • Sunscreen for babies, in case of sun exposure.
  • Nail scissors.
  • A hairbrush, ideally with soft bristles.
  • A baby fly.

What does it take to change your toddler?

As baby is not independent, especially regarding his intimate needs, you will have to change him several times a day. For this to go as well as possible, you must have the following accessories and products:

  • A table and a changing mat. Some models consist of shelves or drawers to allow you to store all the essential products when changing the baby. So you will have everything at your fingertips. You will no longer have to go back and forth.
  • Diapers, one of the essential elements when you have a baby.
  • Wipes to gently clean the small buttocks of the child.
  • Softening cream to treat any redness of the little one.
  • Washcloths.

Everything you need for impeccable hygiene of your cherub

To maintain good health, you must ensure that your little darling is always clean. His hygiene is actually a significant point to keep him in good shape. For this, you will need various equipment and products:

  • A mini-bath or a seat. During its first weeks, while the infant still has its umbilical cord, you will wash it with a washcloth. After a few months, the bath will be a must, hence the importance of having a mini-bathtub.
  • Shampoo and special mild soap for newborns.
  • Towels or a bathrobe to wrap the little one after his bath.
  • Washcloths.
  • Nourishing and moisturizing cream or milk for babies.

Equipment to buy to facilitate outings and walks with the child

When you're out with baby, you need to be properly equipped to ensure optimal comfort, no matter where you go. Whether you travel by car, on foot or take public transport, here is a selection of the equipment required to comfortably walk your little darling:

  • A car seat, which you will probably use many times, until your child is completely independent in a vehicle. Well secured in his car seat, the little one will enjoy total safety during your car trips.
  • A sling or a baby carrier. Here is a practical accessory that will allow you to have your infant close to you, while having your hands free of any movement.
  • A stroller. There are several models of strollers. Whether you opt for a modular or multifunction version, check that it complies with the safety standards in force.
  • A carrycot: easier to transport than a stroller, the carrycot allows baby to sleep safely and comfortably. Again, make sure the product meets safety standards.

First age toys for a baby

To entertain baby and contribute to his awakening, there are no shortage of options. In order to amuse your little child, several alternatives are available to you:

  • Rattles. Here is the first toy to offer to your infant. Prefer a model that emits sound and sports bright colors.
  • A cuddly toy or soft toy, your newborn's first companion.
  • An awakening mat. It is advisable to put the child on his stomach for a few seconds a day. The carpet will then be necessary for you. When he grows up, she will still love playing on his carpet.
  • A music box or a musical bed mobile. To awaken your baby's senses, don't forget to buy this toy.

Preparing for the arrival of a little one is both exciting and exhausting. With the list, although not exhaustive, proposed above, it will be easier for you to find all the essential equipment and products during the first months of the life of the little one.