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The best baby chairs

The best baby chairs

As baby grows and begins to explore the world around him, he gradually discovers new talents. This is how he develops his autonomy and wants to do certain things on his own, like a grown-up. This is perfectly normal, as with habit and practice he becomes more and more independent over the months and years.

After a while, he won't want to sit on the raised chairs or booster seats anymore. There will come a time when he will demand to have a comfortable and cozy seat all to himself, like the baby chair. He will now want to sit there and go about his business, just like mom and dad.

The baby chair is available in different models. If you're planning to buy one for your little one, don't rush. It is recommended that you study the question calmly. With this in mind, you will have to take into account a certain number of criteria, which will allow you to determine which seat will be best suited to your child.

In this article, learn about these settings. As a bonus, below is a list of some of the best baby chairs currently available on the market.

What criteria should be considered when choosing a baby chair?

If you inquire about the baby chair, you will know that there are many models particularly intended for young children. Price, age of the child, material, comfort are all criteria to consider when selecting the ideal chair for your toddler. As with choosing a armoire or a bed, that of the armchair will be made with the greatest care.

The age of your cherub: a point not to be overlooked

Not all baby chairs will necessarily suit your child. From his 12th months, he will be able to sit independently. What you should remember is that the more the seats are worked, the more they will be intended for larger children. Thus, the more your doll grows, the more you will choose a sophisticated armchair for him.

The design material of the children's chair

This parameter is fundamental. The material of the chair must be robust. And for good reason, children are sometimes turbulent, they do not stay in place and like to touch everything. Its seat must therefore be made of a resistant material, which is easy to clean and maintain.

The best alternative remains the armchair in imitation leather or polyurethane. As stylish as it is solid, this material is easy to clean. If you have a large budget, you can bet on a leather children's chair. This model is also easy to maintain and robust.

If you have finally decided to opt for a fabric armchair, prefer a seat equipped with a removable cover that can be washed in the washing machine. Among the other materials, you have rattan, wicker and waterproof canvas. If these materials are aesthetic, they are however not very comfortable for a child.

The safety of the little one above all

When we talk about equipment for a child, we must immediately think about his safety. Indeed, safety is an essential point when you choose furniture for your baby, thelighting for his room or his mattress. Regarding the chair, it must weigh enough to prevent the child from falling while leaning on it.

In addition, the chair must have good stability. Take the time to check that the seat does not have any extremities that could injure the little one. Find out more about the composition of the chair. Make sure it does not contain any allergenic element for the child.

A comfortable chair: an essential criterion

When it comes to an accessory for a little one, comfort is paramount. He should feel comfortable there. For this, the seat must have the appropriate height so that the child can settle in it without constraint and independently. As for the backrest, its height must conform to that of the little one, so that his little back is very comfortable.

In any case, it should be noted that for comfort to be at the rendezvous, the seat must be well designed. Its quality guarantees its comfort. The upholstery and material of the furniture must also be of excellent quality. Among the most cozy, we will not fail to mention the armchair filled with expanded polystyrene balls, making the seat soft and comfortable as desired.

A chair that fits your budget

In terms of children's chairs, you have something for every taste and every budget. The price of such furniture can range from 20 euros, for a simple model in foam, and can reach more than 100 euros for a more sought-after and sophisticated armchair. It is up to you to define the budget you have to make this acquisition.

An armchair with the design that the child appreciates

Another important point when buying a children's chair: the design to choose according to the preferences of the child. Whether you are thinking of placing this piece of furniture in the little one's bedroom, in the dining room or in the living room, its design should appeal to the principal concerned.

A child will undoubtedly appreciate the fancy models with, for example, motifs presenting their favorite cartoon characters, or an armchair in the shape of an animal. The ideal would still be to opt for a model that harmonizes with the decor of the room in which the seat will be placed. Whether you install it below a beautiful wall night light or close to the bed, a harmonious whole is in order.

The different kinds of children's chairs

There is a whole range of armchairs intended for small children. Faced with this multitude, it could be complicated to select the right model for your little angel. To help you, let's see the main types of armchairs and their characteristics.

Zoom on the beanbag chair

The beanbag chair stands out for its "indeterminate" shape, so to speak. In fact, this seat is best known for its softness and round shape. Especially soft, it allows the child to settle down comfortably. The disadvantage of this type of chair is that it is generally provided with a backrest. Moreover, on the aesthetic side, it is certainly not the best alternative. Also be aware that cleaning it can be complex.

The classic baby chair

A classic baby chair looks like the traditional adult chair, except that it is simply smaller in size. Its design is more childish. Its main advantage lies in its stability, providing optimal safety for the child who sits on it.

The rocking chair: as playful as it is decorative

The rocking chair is more a toy than a seat for a child. Sporting curved legs allowing it to be tilted, this type of seat is appreciated by cherubim for its playful side. It allows the little one to rock back and forth. Nevertheless, this mobility can represent a certain weak point, since the seat lacks stability.

Some remarkable baby chair models available on the market

Now that you have read the main criteria to take into account when choosing a baby chair, we invite you to discover below some models offered by brands specializing in the design of children's furniture and accessories.

Atmosphera Molleton baby chair: a sober style

For more than ten years, Atmosphera has been providing parents of young children with quality and affordable indoor furniture. This is particularly the case with this Atmosphera seat in soft cotton for toddlers. With its sober and clean lines, this armchair is as cozy as it is soft. The little piece of cabbage will love to spend good moments of relaxation there.

You can place this seat almost anywhere in the house. In the toddler's room, in the living room or in the playroom, she will easily find a small corner in the room. With its light, neutral colors and wooden legs, this piece of furniture has a unique Scandinavian style.

Dripex Children's Rocking Chair: Playful and rocking

What child wouldn't want a seat in which he could sit like a grown-up! With this rocking chair from Dripex, he can taste the pleasure of the rocking chair, while enjoying unparalleled comfort. He will spend pleasant moments swinging while being rocked peacefully.

Chicco children's chair: a quality seat

Chicco is renowned for its various childcare articles. This brand not only has a wide range of early learning toys for babies, but also high-end furniture reserved for young children. With this model, the little ones will be completely satisfied, while the parents will fall in love with the incomparable design of the seat.

The Chicco baby chair folds and unfolds with ease. It can be used as a sofa, as well as a lounge chair, to the delight of babies! With its foam structure, this seat is robust, stable and light. Supplied with a cover, its maintenance is child's play.

Armchair La Redoute Interiors Jimi

This model from La Redoute Interiors is certainly not to be outdone. With the appearance of a beautiful seat for large people, this children's armchair is elegant and chic. Its sober side gives it a very original style.

Wherever you have this seat, it will enhance your interior while being your toddler's best relaxation companion. You can therefore place it in the living room, in your little darling's bedroom, in the dining room or in the room dedicated to games.

In short, a children's chair will be useful to your cherub for many years, provided that you choose the right model. Accompanying your little angel from an early age, this seat will help him develop his autonomy. He can use it as well to relax, sit and watch TV or even to have fun. As you can see, the armchair is available in different shapes. Before choosing it, do not forget to take into account the points listed above.