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Baby stroller: the criteria to consider when choosing it

Baby stroller: the criteria to consider when choosing it

Before the birth of a baby, parents have to do endless shopping! Indeed, for the newborn to be welcomed in the best conditions, several effects and accessories are essential. And in the list of equipment necessary during the child's first months, you have the stroller.

The stroller is an essential piece of equipment for future parents. But his choice can be an endless headache. There are so many brands and models on the market. What should you choose: a compact, all-terrain, double, duo, trio stroller?

Before purchasing such equipment, you must take into account a certain number of criteria: the type of stroller, its price, its ergonomics, the safety it offers, its size, its practicality, its comfort and many more. still others. To help you find the ideal model for your little one, discover the parameters to take into consideration below.

Safety and comfort: fundamental criteria for purchasing a baby stroller

Comfort and safety are two essential parameters when purchasing a stroller for your baby. These points are of great importance, whether it is buying a child's chair , a car seat or even a baby carrier. Your little one should enjoy maximum comfort and optimal safety at all times, especially when you place him in his stroller.

The safety of the stroller is conditioned by its design materials, its manufacturing method and the patented devices it contains. To ensure that the model you choose is as comfortable as it is secure, you should check various things, such as:

  • The stroller attachment system;
  • Compliance with safety standards in force in France and Europe;
  • The fact that the stroller is suitable for the weight, age and size of the toddler;
  • The presence of a wheel locking device…

So, regardless of the model of the stroller, make sure that it is equipped with a solid attachment harness and has an Isofix base. In addition, opt for a version that meets the i-Size standard and has the qualities required to reduce impacts and shocks. Last point, security has improved. Remember that you must favor models meeting the French standard NF S 54-001. For some time now, the European standard EN 1888 has supplemented this French standard.

The price of the stroller: a parameter not to be neglected

Whatever product you buy, whether it is a night light with remote control , a baby cradle or a bottle warmer, its price is essential. When a happy event occurs within a family, you must already think about all the things useful to the future baby and therefore all the expenses that this could generate. The list of essential things is quite long, and it can represent a fairly large budget.

So what budget do you plan to allocate to purchasing your baby's stroller? The price of a stroller varies depending on several criteria, such as the brand, model, features, options, new or used. But whether you turn to a new or used model, the main thing is that the item purchased guarantees maximum safety for your little angel. The security of the latter is indeed priceless.

Speaking of buying second-hand, avoid prices that are too attractive, as this may imply that the stroller is obsolete. Always remember to test and examine each piece of equipment. Once again, the safety of your cherub is at stake. So don’t take the choice of stroller lightly.

The maneuverability and practicality of the stroller: other criteria to consider

Practicality and maneuverability: these are two criteria that you should not neglect either. What's the point of getting a very nice product that you won't know how to use or handle? Likewise, you will not enjoy using it if you opt for a stroller that is too heavy, difficult to maneuver or impractical.

So, when you choose a stroller, make sure it is practical and easy to handle. Another essential parameter is that it is easy to fold and unfold. With the incessant pace we live in these days, having to spend several minutes trying to unfold or fold a stroller can waste a lot of time.

In short, prefer a lightweight, foldable, functional and possibly expandable stroller. If you are also planning to purchase a carrycot or car seat, you are advised to focus on products compatible with the stroller. This will be more advantageous for you, because this way you will be able to use all the equipment at the same time.

The stroller and its size: take this into account

The size of a stroller is one of the criteria to prioritize when purchasing the stroller suited to your child, but also to you. When we talk about this parameter, the first thing that should come to mind is the size of the stroller when folded or unfolded and the space you have at home to store it.

So, you will already have to think about the location where you want to store it: at home in a cupboard, in the garage, in the entrance to your home, in the trunk of your vehicle... When we talk about storage, you You should of course consider the dimensions of the stroller when you fold it. In summary, once you have determined where you will store the stroller, you will be able to more easily select the ideal size for it.

The different models of strollers available on the market

To date, the stroller market offers many alternatives to young parents. Since its appearance, this material has been the subject of many technical advances. Today, you will find innovative concepts: off-road, design, multifunction, luxury... In the same context, safety has also undergone certain developments. To help you find your way, we invite you to discover below the main models currently available.

The stroller pram: a rather practical 2-in-1 product

With the 2 in 1 stroller model, baby will enjoy it for a few years. In addition, the pram stroller can adapt to different needs. From birth until age 6th month, the little one will enjoy the protection of the carrycot, which at the same time will keep him warm.

After this period, you can replace the carrycot with a classic stroller unit. You will then place your little angel facing the road. This will allow him to awaken his senses and see the environment in which he operates. It should be noted that with the carrycot, you can convert the stroller into a car bed.

The 3-in-1 baby stroller: versatile equipment

The 3 in 1 stroller can be used from the moment a newborn is born until they are 3 years old. It owes its name to the multiple functions it carries. In reality, this model can serve as a stroller unit, a carrycot bed, as well as a car seat classified in category 0+. This means that baby can use it between 6 and 9 months.

On the other hand, the 3 in 1 stroller is a more than practical accessory. Well installed, your baby can adopt a sitting or lying position, it's as he wants. However, it should be noted that its price is relatively high compared to other models. But it constitutes a lasting investment. The stroller is also made up of storage compartments, where you can place your baby's belongings: their bottle, their hat, their diapers, their little cuddly night light , their bib, etc.

The cane stroller: for parents who live in the city

The cane stroller has two big advantages: it is space-saving and its weight is low. Its seat includes a fine hammock. It is therefore not recommended to use it if your infant is less than 10 months old. Very practical and easy to use, it is especially suitable for parents who live in the city.

The luxury cane baby stroller: an improved model of the cane stroller

Like the cane stroller, the luxury cane model also takes up less space. In addition, it can be folded and unfolded in no time. Its little extra is the comfort it provides. Instead of the hammock, you have a real, very cozy armchair. It goes without saying that it weighs more than the classic cane model.

The 3-wheel stroller: for increased comfort

This model is very trendy. Thanks to its superior quality and the best comfort it provides, the 3-wheel stroller guarantees optimal safety for your little one. Classified in the high-end category, its cost is higher than that of other versions.

Incorporating the “all-terrain” option, the 3-wheel stroller will allow you to take your child on the beach or in the countryside, and even why not go hiking! However, be careful when buying it. Remember to find out about its use in relation to the age of your toddler. And for good reason, some models are not suitable for children under 6 months.

The American baby stroller: another practical and versatile accessory

Reproducing the principle of the pram stroller, the American stroller can be used with a carrycot or a stroller unit. The advantage is that you do not need to disassemble the carrycot when you want to use the stroller unit.

With a simple gesture, you can transform the carrycot into a stroller unit. Please note, this model is not suitable for newborns. You will only use it from the moment your baby is able to sit up independently.

We have reviewed the criteria that should not be overlooked when purchasing a stroller for your baby. As you will have noticed, you must choose this equipment with the greatest care, because your child's safety is at stake. So, here are the main parameters to take into account when you buy it: its price, its handling, its comfort, its quality, its practicality, its safety, its size, and of course the model that best suits your baby.