What is the best rug for a nursery?

What is the best rug for a nursery?

When decorating a bedroom, no detail should be left to chance. This applies to both the parents' room and the children's room. In a baby room, you can add different accessories and decorative items. Among these, we will not fail to mention the carpet.

To refine the decor of your little one's room , there is nothing better than installing a beautiful rug, which will provide warmth to this room. In addition, the mat will appeal to baby when he begins to take his first steps. But then, which carpet to choose? For the choice of this accessory, you must take into account a certain number of criteria. To help you, we have noted in this article a non-exhaustive list of the best brands of carpets for children and babies.

Factors to consider when buying a rug

Before setting your sights on this or that rug for your child's room, you must first study certain criteria, which are as follows.

What materials for the carpet of a baby room?

To properly select the rug for your baby's room, you must think about the material from which it is made. Several options are available to you, starting with natural fiber rugs , such as cotton, rattan, silk or even wool. There's nothing like a rug made of natural materials to enhance a child's room. To optimize comfort, opt for a model that is both soft and thick.

On the other hand, you have synthetic fiber rugs. These models have the advantage of being stain resistant. You will even find machine washable synthetic fiber rugs. Among the most popular materials is polypropylene, a material that is easy to maintain.

The dimensions of the mat, a parameter not to be overlooked

Before buying a rug for your toddler's room, remember to take the measurements of the room. Thus, you can turn to a carpet with dimensions adapted to the room. To help you in your choice, here are some practical recommendations.

First, know that it is preferable that a carpet occupies less than a quarter of the room. This will avoid overloading the room. In addition, if you want to put the mat under the child's bedding or under furniture, don't forget to leave part of the mat protruding by nearly 50 cm on each side. This way you will highlight it.

A secure mat for babies

From the moment the toddler is old enough to move around, he will begin to discover his environment. And it usually starts in his bedroom. For his movements to be secure, bet on a model of non-slip mat. This will reduce the risk of falls.

However, if the mat you have acquired is not non-slip, do not worry. This, because you can add a non-slip underpad to the carpet. All you have to do is cut it to fit the shape of the carpet you have chosen.

The design of the carpet, an element not to be omitted

In terms of design, there is no shortage of options. Regarding the shape of the carpet, you have something for everyone. The round rug is a classic model that can energize the room. A rectangle or square version is arguably the most common shape. If you select a rug of this shape, you will easily find a place for it in your little darling's room.

Note also that there are carpets with unusual shapes. These will give relief to the room. Between a model in the shape of a cloud, a teddy bear, a heart, the sun, a giraffe or a star, the alternatives are as numerous as they are varied.

As for the selection of the color of the carpet, do as you wish. However, here are some rules to remember. If the space available in the room is limited, prefer a light-colored carpet. This will help you not to visually diminish the room. On the other hand, if the decor of the room is done in neutral shades, you have the option of opting for a carpet in bright and whimsical tones.

In any case, choose a rug that matches the style and atmosphere of your baby's room. With the multitude of carpet models available on the market, you will certainly find the model that will harmonize with the colors of the little one's room.


The most famous brands when it comes to baby mats

Several brands have models of rugs intended for a baby's room. To make it easier for you, we have selected some of the most reputable brands in the field.

Maison du Monde: a wide range of rugs

First brand on this list: Maison du Monde . With a diversified and original range, the brand presents rugs in multiple shapes: sun, star. Even better, it has a collection with various prints, such as a car circuit, a hopscotch, a map of the world...

Playful and particularly decorative, the brand's rugs are made of cotton or polyester. As for the choice of colors, there is something for everyone. You will find them in rectangles, rounds, and less conventional shapes. Some models are embellished with small pompoms.

Sauthon baby mats: models with beautiful finishes

The Sauthon brand is a specialist in decorative items dedicated to baby rooms. Its rugs are beautifully illustrated, giving your little one's room a dreamy atmosphere. Among its wide range, you will discover models adorned with cute animals, such as an elephant, a giraffe, a panda, a whale. Others are adorned with clouds, teepees and geometric figures.

Sporting dark shades, Sauthon's rugs are made of acrylic. This means that their maintenance is especially easy. A wipe, and you're done! In short, the brand suggests models of all kinds. Some are rectangular, while others are round or square. If you have a penchant for whimsical models, some come in the form of a hot air balloon.

As for the finish, you will be completely satisfied. The rugs are handcrafted using the tufting technique. This gives the rugs a soft and supple character, perfectly suited to small children.

Handmade rugs from Vertbaudet

To dress up the baby's room with charm, go for the Vertbaudet models . With this brand, you have at your disposal a wide assortment suitable for both a feminine and masculine bedroom.

Vertbaudet rugs are a real decorative asset for your child's bedroom. With shapes in various colors, they will beautify the room and promote your little one's sense of imagination. In addition, some Vertbaudet rugs are woven by hand and have a non-slip underside.

Available in different sizes and configurations, the carpets of this brand can be adapted to all spaces, small or large. Pleasantly soft to the touch and fluffy, they will help awaken your child's senses. The baby will love to stay in his room!

Alfred & Compagnie baby rug: graphic patterns as you wish

Alfred & Compagnie baby rugs are characterized by their graphic look. Most of the brand's models indeed display graphic patterns, such as zigzags, polka dots or stars. Some grinds are embellished with large, reminiscent of the Aztec trend. As for the polar bear-shaped bedside rug, it will surely seduce you!

Made from organic cotton, Alfred & Compagnie rugs are machine washable. The main advantage of the brand is that it offers products with Oeko-Tex ecological certification. In addition, almost all its articles are guaranteed to be of French or European design. With the quality products from Alfred & Compagnie, you will be completely satisfied.

Washable rugs by Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals is an international reference in terms of carpets for children, but also for adults. With the washable rugs from Lorena Canals , you will make your job much easier! Thanks to their 100% composition, the rugs can go in the washing machine. Simple to maintain, they are as soft as they are light.

Advocating safety, comfort and practicality, the brand has a range of excellent quality mats, suitable for toddlers. Here is the accessory that will complete the decor of your cherub's room. Whether you are looking for round or rectangular rugs, you will find the model that meets your requirements. Its collection includes models in the shape of radishes, clouds, angel wings...

Did you know that Lorena Canals also has wool carpets in light colors, on which your children will be happy to play. All styles are available here. You just have to choose the model you prefer.

Did you find the type of carpet corresponding to your expectations? Whichever model you choose, remember that baby mats require regular maintenance. For this, the use of a vacuum cleaner will be essential. This will prevent dust accumulation. The cleaning of the carpet will depend essentially on the material used to make it. Remember to check the carpet label or the manufacturer's instructions.